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Enlightenment is only complete when the understanding that you are just a pure witnessing consciousness becomes absolute without a shadow of doubt (4/03/2013)

You know that you are not the mind, the body, the emotions. You know that you are neither man nor woman, you are not your occupation, you are not your knowledge, your memories or your dreams. You know that you are a pure witnessing consciousness.

But this knowing has to be a total and absolute knowing. There can not remain an atom of doubt, there can not remain an atom of belief. All belief has to dissolve as the understanding becomes total in that you are just the consciousness.

Each and every person is consciousness but they are not aware of it, they are asleep. The mind keeps them away from their true self. The problem is they are lost in the mind, in past memories, in knowledge, in dreams and fantasy of the future. They identify with their sex, their occupation, their religion, their knowledge.

The answer is very simple. Just be aware of the mind, the mind is like a tool, like a vehicle. It needs a driver, someone to exploit its potential. The mind is not meant to be in control and run your life. Many people complain that they have an addiction, that cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, desire for food and sex have control over them but this is so far from the truth. The truth is that they lack awareness, they are not conscious, they are asleep in the back seat, so to speak. To get in the drivers seat of one's life only takes a little awareness but it takes immense courage and determination. It takes a willingness to learn how to manage the controls.

Consciousness needs to sit totally in the drivers seat of this mind and body. Consciousness is the pilot, the captain, the driver, the rider. Consciousness is not mind, is not thinking, is not the body. Consciousness does not know birth, does not know death. Consciousness has always been and always will be.

But the problem is that thinking gets confused with consciousness so let me explain it this way. To drive a motor vehicle you have to sit in the drivers seat and manage the controls. You can sit in the back seat and let someone else (the mind given to you by society) drive you to some destination or you can learn to sit in the drivers seat. So you sit in the drivers seat and you know that you are not the vehicle, you are just the driver. You can stop the vehicle, get out and get some distance from the vehicle. You know that you are not the vehicle.

When it comes to consciousness and the body/mind it becomes a little more complicated. The body is the vehicle which allows you to move through the world. The mind is the software which goes with the body. Without a mind you would not be able to do or achieve much in life. Without a mind at all you would probably be reduced to a vegetable. The mind is like software for the body, like a tool kit, the more sophisticated the tool kit the more you can do and achieve. In the same way that you can slow a motor vehicle and bring it to a standstill you can also slow the mind and stop it through meditation. This allows the understanding to arise that you are not the mind or body but that you are the silent driver. The mind talks but consciousness is always silent.

In meditation the mind comes to a standstill, it remains absolutely silent. The understanding grows that you are the silent witnessing consciousness. The silent witnessing conscious is who you are. This is who should be in the drivers seat 100% of the time. The silent consciousness can use the mind in an intimate manner to think, to plan, to develop new understandings, to become a better person. As consciousness frees itself from the mind you become one with the Universe.

Are past lives genetic memory? (8/03/2013)

Past lives as genetic memory, perhaps. Consciousness is as vast as the Universe, consciousness knows no boundaries. It is not confined to a body or a personality. Consciousness is life having awareness of life of consciousness. When the body dies, the body dies, personality dies, ego dies, the mind may fragment and still be available at some level in the Universe. People die, personality dies, bodies die buy life continues. Life is expressed in another life form. The idea of trans migration of souls could be an egocentric attitude that we are higher than ‘lower’ life forms. And that some people are more spiritually evolved than others. The true Buddha does not claim to be lower or higher than others. He is just awakened to himself. There are degrees of being conscious but each life is a unique experience in itself.

Much is made of the spiritual experience, the drug experience, the content of what happens in deep orgasm of on a fast in the wilderness. The experience is irrelevant, all that is important that you discover who you are? Who is the one who had the experience, who is the one is having the experience. The experience itself may be wonderful but not important. Just because one person has so called profound spiritual experiences may be nothing more than submodality distinctions and them giving meaning to the experience. Another person may have an identical experience yet give it less meaning. One person has a tiny experience which they give massive meaning to, and they have to go on a tour telling everyone how wonderful they are. We see this so much in the Guru’s from India and in the New Age.

What is a near death experience (NDE)? (8/03/2013)

In terms of hypnosis a near death experience can be understood as a deep trance - an intense period of dreaming. Most people would have had the experience of being woken in the night and being able to recall a dream in vivid detail, and yet even though we dream every night, in the morning the dreams are forgotten.

We all think in pictures, sounds, internal dialogue, feelings, smell and taste, yet we are all different. Some people may have strong visualisation skills yet be poor in the auditory and kinaesthetic channels. Most people, unless they are a chef or wine connoisseur are probably going to be weak in the olfactory and gustatory sense. So putting smell and taste aside for the moment let us consider the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic channels. Seeing big bright colourful pictures in the mind is a matter of course for a good visualizer but for someone who relies more upon their auditory or kinaesthetic sense seeing a picture in the mind can take on the significance of a vision. Someone who relies more upon their visual and kinaesthetic sense, and for whom the auditory channel is weak, when they hear thoughts in their mind they may be so dissociated from it that they attribute it to God or Devil.

When it comes to death most people just die but other people for one reason or other may die for twenty or thirty seconds and then begin breathing once again, open their eyes and report their experience, sometimes describing visions of Jesus, angels, guides, bright lights, and so on - before closing their eyes once again and finally dieing.

Other people injured in an accident may come close to death but recover and report their dream experience. What the person dreams about is going to be influenced by their conditioning, religious background and influences, memories, knowledge, beliefs and their expectations of what happens when you die. A thought about how you might behave in the future is a mental rehearsal, a post hypnotic suggestion. So every thought that you have ever had about what happens at death or after death becomes a post hypnotic suggestion that plays on cue.

Most people never explore their interiority, most never explore their consciousness, most just live their life in a dream. Even those people who consider themselves to be spiritual may be so identified with the mind that they become lost in their ideas of what spirituality is. Only a few people actually take the search into ‘who’ they are. So the average person has never ever sat quietly in meditation and watched their thoughts arise and disappear once again. For them a near death experience could be so profound that it gives their life a totally new meaning. But so what?

An experience is just an experience, a dream is just a dream. Who is interested in listening to someone relate a dream? Yet people bow down to the guru who is eloquent in relating his so called spiritual experiences.

The mind is silent - what next? (17/03/2013)

The mystics talk about silencing the mind. Is that the goal, just to silence the mind? Once the mind is silenced then what?  Is this enlightenment? What is the next step?

From desire to desirelessness (17/03/2013)

What do the mystics like Osho mean by ‘desire’? Are they talking of biological desire and the sexual attraction to another person? Is appreciation of another’s beauty sexual desire in another frame?

Are they talking of desire for money? Are they referring to the desire to earn enough money to meet survival needs for food and shelter or are they referring to the desire for the possibility of making money in excess of survival needs that allow them to fulfil other desires and work on other projects. Everything that we see in the world that has been created by Man arose out of a desire in one form or another.

Are the mystics talking in terms of desire that arises out of the body, hunger, thirst, sex and the desire for companionship? Are they talking of the desire to improve the health and physique of the body? Are they talking of the desire to be a great athlete, dancer, performer?

Are they talking of the desire that arises out of higher levels of mind? Such as the desire to build a temple, a cathedral, the desire to help people, to facilitate healing's, to bring about positive change in the world, to build a road, to dig a well, the desire to stop the aggressive practices of government, corporations, bureaucrats, etc.

Are they talking about the desire that arises to perfect Tai Chi or yoga moves, the desire to dance, to express the body? Are they talking of the desire to express yourself through speech, or through written word? Are they talking of the desire to understand the scriptures, to realise the ultimate truth? Or are they talking of the desire to be a great spiritual teacher, a guru, a politician?

Mystics rarely talk in specifics. In most cases mystics talk in abstractions. They use flowery words that seduce the mind of the listener. Mystics may in fact avoid talking about truth as all one has to do to discover truth is to destroy. Destroy beliefs, destroy knowledge, burn the scriptures, challenge everything for the truth. What you have left will give you the doorway to existence, truth will reveal itself.

Context is the key. When mystics talk, they rarely specify the context, and even when they set the intention to do so they may shift the context in the next clause, the next sentence, so we can never be precisely clear on what they mean. And do they even understand what they mean or are they just stringing a series of beautiful words and concepts together in pseudo poetry as a way to express themselves?

You are eternal (18/03/2013)

Life is eternal. The body dies but life is eternal. Why be concerned with past and future lives? The body dies but life continues. Remember that you are not the body, not the mind, you are the life, you are eternal.

Doors of opportunity (21/03/2013)

Do you remember the film, The Matrix? There are some great metaphors in that film. Thoughts are just thoughts. That is thoughts are composed of pictures, sounds, words, conversations, feelings and sometimes smell and taste. Thoughts have no substance or reality in and of themselves, they just provide a map for us to navigate through the world.

If you feel blocked then how do you do the process of blocking yourself? If you come across an obstacle then what meaning do you give to the obstacle. How do you represent that in your mind? What are the words that you use in your mind? Write down the words on paper. Analyse the language patterns and see what suggestions you have been giving to your unconscious mind. If you feel blocked then this will be represented in the language that you use. Change the language pattern and you will change your mind.

In The Matrix they had a method for locating and moving through doors into a different place. You open one door and find yourself in a dark broom closet. No problem, just look for another door. You open this door and you find yourself on a vista, green fields over looking a blue ocean.

No matter the so called physical reality of the situation, you are the meaning maker. It is you who construct the meaning. If that meaning does not work for you then construct another meaning. Begin looking for doors of opportunity in your mind and in the physical world, they are everywhere.

If you take the same route to work everyday then experiment with a different route? Park in a different spot at the shopping mall. Use a different entrance and leave by a different door. If you walk the same path through the shopping centre then explore a different path, walk into shops that ordinarily you would never enter. Speak to people who you don't find interesting. If you have regular barber then why not try a different barber every time? Why not get a massage at a different studio every week? Just practise breaking your routine and see what happens. __ © Author Abby Eagle


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