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Did God speak to me last night? (10/06/2015)

Yesterday evening I was watching a documentary on youtube: "The Hidden Story of Jesus". It was fascinating because they drew parallels between Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Osiris and Mithra. Their stories are very similar.

So last night I woke up in the night. I lay awake for ten minutes then fell asleep again. I could hear a voice talking. I have heard voices before. I tried to make sense of what he was saying. And then I felt a sensation at the perineum. It was like an electric current which I felt through my entire body. It was like the voltage got turned up and every cell in my body vibrated with an energy. I was aware of how I was laying in bed but felt no inclination to move my body. As the feeling of electricity increased a brilliant golden light seemed to fill not just my visual field but my entire body. I was immersed in the light. The experience lasted for about 10-20 minutes and then I woke up.

God showed me many things (12/06/2015)

I had a dream last night in which the realisation began to arise that I was being shown something - perhaps it was God trying to teach me something?

The dream starts with meeting up with an old friend by the name of Michael. It is afternoon and we want to order a meal but it will take longer to prepare for us because it needs to meet our requirements.

Then there is a stage area where some sort of play is being enacted. The stage is circular and I have to squeeze past it so that I can get through a door. It was like being on the deck of a massive timber ship. There were a group of men. It was something like happy hour at a bar but I did not see anyone drinking. The captain told everyone that they only had 1 minute left so they should make the most of it. Then he said now there is only 50 seconds left so squeeze the juice from this moment, then 40 seconds and 30 seconds. Then he told everyone now you have 1 minute and then 2 minutes of time.

There were packets of sultanas in boxes in the deck. Some sultanas were dark and some were light. In one box there was only one packet of sultanas. I did not understand what God what was being shown to me.

And then I came to the end of time, standing on a timber balcony that was the same as the ship of life. (I do not remember writing that this morning.) There was a steep hillside directly in front. Michael walked up the hill to the right and out of sight. One of the crew walked down the hill, adjusting his clothing as he did so. This man was strong and looked like he had work to do.

In the distance there were hills. It was an incredibly beautiful scene. And then a man's voice spoke. It used 'what-if' type scenarios - imploring, inspiring, motivating - it was passionate. The voice said something to the effect, "Why is that Islamic girl suffering at the hands of her religion? Why is it that other person suffering? Each time he pointed to injustices in the world, imploring the listener to help.

I take a risk and climb onto the timber railing of the balcony and hold onto a pillar. I wrap my arms around it and merge into the pillar. As I listen to God speak my heart opens and I sob tears of joy and pain.


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