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Master your mind, master your life with NLP, Meditation and Hypnosis...


Learn how to meditate at Abby Eagle School of Meditation - and squeeze the juice from life...

Scientific studies have shown that meditation can help with:

meditation normalises blood pressure Blood pressure.
learn how to reduce anxiety at gold coast meditation school Anxiety.
use meditation to manage stress at gold coast meditation school Stress.
meditation has been shown to reverse heart disease Heart disease.
can gold coast meditation school help stop smoking Stop smoking.
can gold coast meditation classes help with weight loss Weight loss.
can meditation help with eating disorders Eating disorders.
does meditation help with addictions Addictions.
reduce negative emotions with meditation practice at gold coast school Negative emotions.
improve scholastic performance with gold coast meditation Scholastic performance.
improve sports performance with meditation practice on the gold coast Sports performance
learn how to quieten a racing mind with meditation practice Slowing a racing mind


meditation has no negative side effects Meditation is non invasive and it does not have negative side effects.
learn to focus and concentrate at gold coast meditation class Focus your mind and increase your ability to concentrate.
find inner peace with gold coast meditation

Relax, and learn how to quieten a racing mind (the internal dialogue) and find a sense of inner peace.

master your mind with meditation Gain mastery of the mind and your emotions.
meditation creates favourable brainwave states Create favourable brainwave states.
meditation will help you to relax Dissolve stress and become more relaxed in stressful situations.
meditation helps you detach from negative emotions Learn how to detach from emotions that block success.
boost the immune system with meditation at australian mediation school Boost the immune system and the bodies natural ability to heal itself.
meditate and improve your sleep Deal with insomnia and improve your sleep.
explore your consciousness with deep meditation at australian school Use meditation to gain deeper insights into your essential nature.
meditate to enhance your intuition Use more of your brain and enhance your creativity, intuition and psychic abilities.
meditate and celebrate life at gold coast meditation school Cleanse the mind so that the heart can see, hear and feel the joy of living.
Get coached in meditation skills and learn how to reach deep states of meditation fast.

By bringing the technology of NLP and hypnosis to meditation practice you can learn in a matter of hours what could ordinarily have taken years by trial and error. Abby Eagle will personally show you how to:

- Quieten and even stop the internal dialogue, thereby relaxing both mind and body and facilitating a state of peace and relaxation.
- Let go of negative emotions and access resource states.
- Change negative thoughts into positive thoughts.
- Systematically explore your consciousness and facilitate spiritual experiences.

Gold Coast stress management programs

Meditation has been shown to be one of the most effective methods for stress reduction and many studies demonstrate that meditators are healthier and happier than non meditators. To an organisation such as a business or a school this can translate into less absenteeism, less conflict, more harmony and greater efficiency. For a business this can mean increased job satisfaction and greater profitability.

If you are interested in a stress management program with a touch of spirituality customised to suit the specific needs of your organisation please contact Abby Eagle.

Inner Discovery - a meditation and hypnosis class held on the Gold Coast.

Inner Discovery is a unique meditation and hypnosis course created by Abby Eagle using the technology of NLP. Many meditation schools only teach a set of 'vague' exercises – they don't really give you the specifics of how the meditation works or what to do inside the mind – and consequently only 2% of the graduates ever get to become great meditators but at Abby Eagle School of Meditation you learn the actual structure of meditation and hence are able to join those in the top 2%.

Whether you are a student, a business person or an athlete with great aspirations, or just an ordinary guy or gal, in this meditation class you will learn a set of tools and techniques to enhance every aspect of your personal and business life.

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Gold Coast Stress Management Class.

Learn to relax with NLP, hypnosis and meditation. Get free tickets

Inner Discovery

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Meditation delivers results
nlp and meditation school Gold Coast meditate gold coast Relax
relaxation techniques gold coast Create
deep meditation gold coast Focus
meditation school Perform
gold coast meditation Produce
meditation school Profit
meditate gold coast Celebrate life
Meditation is for all types of people

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Are meditators more productive in the workplace?

A study on meditation in the workplace showed that meditation was effective in:
reduce job stress with meditation Reducing anxiety, job tension insomnia and fatigue.
reduce cigarette and alcohol consumption with meditation Reducing cigarette and alcohol abuse.
manage stress with meditation and increase work performance Increasing effectiveness on the job.
learn to relax and destress with meditation Increasing job satisfaction. (3)

meditation has been studied by scientists

Lateral image of brain showing the limbic system.

Incorporate Meditation and NLP into your workplace.

Scientific research clearly shows that meditation can be used to improve the health and efficiency of both the mind and body. When staff are more relaxed and in touch with their creative energies then they are more able to focus on the task at hand and perform at a higher standard which means increased job satisfaction for the employee and increased production and profitability for an organisation. Everyone benefits: the staff member, the customer, the organisation and the community at large.

NLP brings with it a set of tools and techniques to remove blocks to success in life, career and relationships. NLP when combined with meditation gives you powerful tools to help your reach new pinnacles of success. Essentially if those in charge of a business make personal changes then the business will also evolve.

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