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What is NLP Life Coaching?

NLP Life Coaching is a transformational methodology that helps you to access and mobilise both your internal and external resources towards achieving a desired outcome, that leads you towards achieving success at the highest level. We do this through a process of asking specific types of questions rather than advising, instructing or teaching.

We work on the assumption that the client has all the resources they need, we just need to ask the right questions to help you access and utilise those resources. This process is empowering and puts you squarely in the drivers seat of your life. The Coach just shows you how to locate and utilise the controls.

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"My experience, my realisation and my understanding in working with Abby Eagle in a personal consultation is that it's like touching God.

I believe I have tasted the unlimitedness of my potential. It's not a question of achieving goals but a commitment to my life.

With Abby I felt I tapped into the life force and the divine energy. As a result I am utterly convinced there are no limits to what I can achieve.

I have tasted the infiniteness of everything. I have experienced the ultimate achievement of returning to the source. Now I feel that, nothing less than going for my ultimate potential - nothing less than striving for God's likeness is worth the effort. It reminds me of the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

No matter what anyone else says or what obstacles life presents I am convinced I can and will achieve my unlimitedness." Chris Pola, Coomera, Queensland Australia

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As an NLP Coach my job is to help you:
use nlp tools to identify the root cause of problems Identify specific problem areas that block success
NLP Life Coaching for goal setting Set goals in such a way that will make them more likely to occur.
clear emotional blocks with nlp and hypnotherapy Clear blocks that prevent you from taking action.
focus your mind with nlp and meditation Create a clear, powerful, single minded mind set.
change negative beliefs about weight loss with hypnotherapy Remove negative beliefs and replace them with powerful positive beliefs.
manage stress with meditation and hypnotherapy Manage stress and find a space of inner silence and peace.
eliminate anxiety with nlp and meditation Eliminate shyness and anxiety and replace it with authentic confidence.
get results with weight loss and smoking cessation with nlp and hypnotherapy Create an action plan to achieve results.
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Why get coached with Abby Eagle?

"I have over 20 years of experience in NLP and meditation. I am not a car dealer. I don't have the limitations of a Psychologist. My background is in Osho Zen Meditation." Abby Eagle

"Abby's sensitivity to people's needs and his profound intellectual understanding of the structure of human behaviours, make him to be at the very best in achieving desired outcomes.The high tech NLP models truly do magic in his hands. I highly recommend his guidance to anyone who wants profound personal changes in ones own life or desires a team or company to perform on peak." Alex Najee, NLP Practitioner, Southport Qld. Australia

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