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Quit smoking cigarettes with NLP and Hypnotherapy. Phone 07 5562 5718 or send an email to book a free 20 minute telephone, Skype or Zoom session with Abby Eagle. You have landed on this page because you want help to stop smoking with NLP and hypnotherapy... Neuro Linguistic Programming and online coaching. Drug and Alcohol rehab program Gold Coast Robina. - NLP Hypnotherapy Meditation Gold Coast, Robina. Online NLP coaching available - Skype and Zoom sessions.


How to stop smoking cigarettes

Click the Image to Get Details of the Course and Learn How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes or read on to get help from a NLP Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner


How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes Tips

Get leverage on yourself - how much is that cigarette habit worth?

Stop smoking cigarettes today using NLP hypnotherapy and invest $70.00 per week into an interest bearing account at 6% pa calculated monthly

Stop smoking cigarettes and bank $70.00 every week instead. Your contribution Interest Total
For ten years $36,699.33 $13,557.15 $50,256.48
For twenty years $73,095.33 $68,045.76 $141,141.09
For thirty years $109,491.33 $197,004.91 $306,496.24
For forty years $145,887.33 $461,455.53 $607,342.86
For fifty years $182,283.33 $972,418.90 $1,154,702.23

stop smoking triggersKeep a record of your smoking triggers

The first thing that you should do is to keep a record of your smoking triggers. That is, each time you feel like a cigarette make a note on a piece of paper of what you were doing, feeling and thinking. Tie the notes to the cigarette packet with an elastic band. If you should decide to book a hypnotherapy session then bring this list with you as at your stop smoking sessions we will clear the trigger emotions that were identified on the list.

say no to cigarettesSay "yes" to your feelings and "no" to cigarettes

Learn to say "yes" to your feelings and "no" to a cigarette, which is the opposite of what society wants you to do. Say, "These are my feelings, my anger, my fear, my anxiety, my cigarette craving, etc." Embrace your feelings whether they be positive or negative. Own your feelings. Don’t be scared of them, don’t deny them. By embracing the feelings you gain control over them. Otherwise all you do is fight with them and try and suppress them with cigarettes, food, alcohol and drugs.

hypnosis stop smoking gold coastChange your identity and set goals

If smoking has become a part of your identity and lifestyle then, in the beginning, you are going to have to move out of the smoking crowd and associate with non smokers. Start thinking of 'who the new you is going to be'? Forget all about having a cigarette with your friends. Don't even think in terms of being an ex-smoker. In the future this 'new you' will look back on the past and remember that you smoked but you will have no attachment to it one way or the other. One way to begin this process is to create some goals for yourself and then create a vision board of your new lifestyle. (A vision board is a board on which you stick pictures of your goals.)

does a part of you want to smokeIntegrate the internal conflict between the smoking part and the healthy part

One of the most important things to understand in terms of changing a habit such as smoking is that you want to stop smoking, yet you can't - which implies that there is a part of you that controls the smoking. (Forget chemical addiction theory - it plays a much smaller role than people would have you believe.)

Most smokers have a 'part' (see the article on two minds) which wants them to smoke but also a 'part' which wants them to stop. The part which wants to stop smoking represents an aspect of the conscious mind and is usually an intellectual, serious, pragmatic, educated, knowledgeable, controlling part. This part has a conscious understanding of 'why' you smoke but is 'powerless' to stop the behaviour. With will power this part can stop smoking for a period of time but it involves using the mind and there is tension involved with being a nonsmoker, because as soon as you relax you find yourself smoking again. Am I right or am I wrong? The other part - the smoking part represents an aspect of the unconscious mind.

This part is much like a 'two year old' child. It is a kinesthetic and feeling part. It represents the heart of the person and whereas the other part has the 'job' of taking care of the pragmatic needs the smoking part has the job of meeting the emotional needs of you. The smoking part - being much like a two year old - often gets pushed around by the the older mature part which wants to stop smoking. But like all two year old's it is able to exert emotional influence and often wins out in the end. So one of the tasks in helping a smoker to stop smoking is to help them acknowledge both their parts and to integrate them into one super part which has the best attributes of each. -- Hence we resolve the internal conflict. However until the two parts are fully integrated the non smoker is likely to back-slide as soon as they feel stressed.

break the smoking habit with hypnotherapyBreak the smoking habit

Another important aspect of stopping smoking is to deal with the habitual response. (This is what most smokers have fought with for a long time but because they don't understand how the mind works they buy the chemical addiction theory.)

So what is a habit? A habit can be thought of as a series of steps that occur out of conscious awareness. So what we do is to identify the components of the habitual 'thinking process'. The smoker is usually not aware of the images or thinking that occurs prior to needing a smoke - but an experienced NLP Hypnotherapist can identify these elements and help you to replace them with positive thinking that occurs naturally and does not require will power or conscious effort.

relax and become a non smoker with hypnotherapyYou can't banish the smoking until you clear the negative emotions and build in a mechanism to connect positive feelings with the smoking triggers

Most smokers use smoking to suppress negative feelings and bring in positive feelings, such as confidence. The young salesman is a good example. He starts out in his new job full of enthusiasm but after a few knock backs he begins to associate pain with making a sales call. Thereafter when he thinks of making a sales call he may feel anxious. Being a salesperson he has to have a relaxed confident personality in order to make his customers trust him. So he learns that cigarettes provide a means to suppress negative feelings such as anxiety and nervousness and they also bring in feelings of self confidence.

Most smokers hesitate when they think of stopping smoking because they know intuitively that they need the cigarettes to suppress negative emotions and bring in good feelings. Smoking therefore has a positive intention, also known as secondary gain. When I use NLP and hypnosis to help you stop smoking I make sure that secondary gain is taken care of. In a sense I do a deal with your unconscious mind - I ask your unconscious mind to banish the cigarettes on the condition that it bring in feelings of confidence, love and happiness.

use hypnotherapy to make yourself feel good without smokingMake yourself feel good, today and everyday without a cigarette

Most smokers at one time associated good feelings to having a cigarette. For example the first cigarette given by an adult to a teenager may have signified the end of childhood and the entry into adulthood. For other teenagers they may have associated feelings of being accepted by a group of peers. Each time thereafter when they have a cigarette it reminds them of the feeling. In NLP terminology we call that an anchored response. (Pavlovian conditioning.) Part of the stop smoking process is to help the client access other resource states that work even better than the cigarette - this is a polite way of saying that it is time to grow up.

learn to meditate and stop smoking fasterLearn how to meditate and feel the benefits today

Most smokers, whether they are aware of it or not suffer from stress and anxiety. Scientific research has shown that meditation can help with smoking cessation, weight loss, eating disorders, addictions, blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, stress, negative emotions, scholastic performance and sports performance.

If you have read this far then you must be keen to stop smoking BUT are you ready? If you are ready then have you made the decision to take action? If you have made the decision to take action then WHEN are you going to do that?

Read what Jill has to say about using NLP and hypnotherapy to quit smoking

"It's been over three months since I attended the 'NLP For Personal Growth Workshop' with Abby Eagle. Before that time I used to be a social drinker and smoker, and it was not unusual for me to have a heavy night drinking and smoking. Since the workshop I have hardly touched a drop of alcohol and I've had no urge to smoke. I've also lost 5 kg in weight and 3 weeks ago I joined a gym. The only reason for these changes has been my attendance at the NLP workshop with Abby Eagle." Jill Stonnel, MacGregor, Gold Coast Qld


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