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You have landed on this page because you want to get NLP Coached to achieve Trading Excellence... Share Trading / Currency Trading / Forex Trading / Futures Trading. NLP Gold Coast. Hypnotherapy Gold Coast. Meditation Gold Coast. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Online coaching.


Get NLP Coaching for Online Trading Excellence - Forex Trading - Currency Trading - Share Trading - Futures Trading

To achieve online trading excellence you must learn how to master your emotions and follow a system. The technology of NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Meditation in the hands of an experienced practitioner can help you to do just that.

Learn how to trade shares like a machine - share trading - online share trading - forex trading - coaching training - stock market trading - market trading - with NLP Coaching achieve higher levels of success. Corporate programs available.



What type of trader are you?

Different types of trading require a different personality type. For example, the short term trader who buys and sells stock on a daily basis is a totally different type of person to the long term trader who may intend to hold the stock for decades. Understanding the personality distinctions involved is essential for long term trading success.


Do you have the trader personality profile for wealth creation?

Understanding the different personality types for wealth creation will help you to focus on your strengths and choose what comes to you most naturally. Each person's uniqueness will motivate them towards either trading shares, futures, options, forex, etc. The type of trading that you choose becomes the vehicle to your lifestyle but as with cars, motor bikes, trucks and planes each vehicle is most easily mastered by a specific personality type that is fueled with the correct trading plan.

Trading plans I know nothing about, there are many experts in the world who can sell you an excellent trading plan. But what I can do as a NLP Coach is to help you get into the drivers seat of your mind and drive your trading vehicle to create the lifestyle that you desire.

Each personality type has its strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to understand what these are, for example. The Wealth Dynamics Accumulator type will have a natural inclination to gather information about every company on the stock exchange before making a decision, just like Warren Buffet. The strength is in gathering information and carefully analysing it before making a decision. Contrast the Accumulator with the Day Trader who buys and sells on a daily basis. The day traders strength come from the ability to recognise minute shifts in the market place and take immediate action. The Accumulator type is slow to action whereas the day trader is quick, more like a martial artist.

So the buy-and-hold trader's sense of time is very different to the short term trader. In NLP we call this a meta program. Meta programs are deep perceptual filters at the level of the unconscious mind that direct decision making processes. To some degree it is important for all types of traders to understand the basic meta programs and how they work to create personality types. Briefly most traders are introverts, they are good with details, rather than have their head in the clouds like their opposite personality type they prefer to be in sensory awareness. Traders are good with timing, procedural, they like to follow a system, like consistency, are more past oriented than future, have their focus on risk management and on what could go wrong more than on what could go right. They make decisions based upon what they think not what they feel.

Trading is 90% psychology. There are heaps of trading programs on the market that work but what holds most people back from trading excellence is their mind set. With NLP Coaching it is possible to develop the mind-set of a star Trader, comparatively speaking, in a very short period of time, as long as you know your stuff.


The basics of trading excellence.


If you are serious about trading excellence then you need to get out of your own way.

You are your own biggest hinderance to trading excellence. By 'you' I mean your mind. Most people live their lives in the back seat and blame events in the world for how they feel and the results that they get. Trading is one of those behaviours which requires you to get in the drivers seat and manage both mind and emotions. One has to learn that an event in the world does not make you feel a certain way. It is the meaning that you give to the event. We are meaning makers. If you feel good when the market moves in one direction and then feel bad when it moves in another then you are just reacting. Your emotional state needs to be independent of what happens in the world. In order to trade successfully you have to learn not to react and to just 'be'. Learn how to trade without emotion.


What is your trading metaphor.?

Do you think of trading as a fight, as a competition, as a game, is it a vehicle to a lifestyle? What metaphor do you use for trading and is that metaphor useful or not? Does that metaphor empower you? Try on this metaphor:

"I am a trading machine." What does that imply? That the trading process is devoid of emotion, of attachment to the outcome.


Attributes of trading excellence.

Smart, confident, fast, aggressive.

Intelligence: you need to have both IQ and EQ. Use both left and right brain hemispheres, both mind and heart, both knowledge and intuition, keeping in mind both past and future.

Confidence: the confidence within your self that becomes a deep trust that you have what it takes to trade.

Speed: the ability to think on your feet and take action without hesitation.

Aggressiveness: trading is not a passive activity. It requires fast paced action with a sense of determination that you will succeed. In terms of the Reflection / Action meta program the successful trader gathers sufficient information and knows precisely when to take action, without hesitation, and they are total in that act.

Sensory awareness: trade what you see not what you think. The successful trader keeps them self in sensory awareness with what is happening in the present in the real world rather than being lost in thoughts and feelings of what did happen in the past and what might happen in the future.

Belief: hold an unbreakable belief in your self - that you have what it takes to make consistent winning trade. Part of this belief process involves mind to muscling concepts and understanding into the neurology such that you walk your talk. Most importantly awareness of your thought processes is required. Is the self talk negative or positive? Is the self talk conducive towards achieving your desired results? Stay in touch with what trading means to you? The big reason why you trade. Learn how to trade without emotion - see how the Mind to Muscle Pattern has been used in Forex Trading.

Focus: trade with focus and discipline, commit to excellence, keep a quiet mind, be singular in purpose, become a trading machine that is in a non emotional state. Have absolute patience like a sniper, never risk trades, hold yourself accountable for your actions and your results - no excuses. Plan every trade and trade without hesitation, the focus in on winning trades - not how much you make from each trade,

The successful trader has passion, discipline, competitiveness, humility, flexibility, perseverance and most importantly they learn and benefit from their mistakes.

Risk management: successful traders learn to manage risk. This involves keeping your mind on what could go wrong and putting procedures in place to minimise the risk. Winning trades are not made upon optimistic ideas.

Simulated trading: practise on a trading simulator as-if they were real trades. The ability to act and play the trading game with total congruence. The reason to trade is not because of how much money you could make but upon the ability to track and predict the market with precision. This is the reward in itself. Practise the discipline of committing to and following a procedure from beginning to end without deviation?

Goal setting: have you set goals that are positive, reasonable, and that you are in alignment with? Do you have the resources, do you know the steps and stages to reach your goal?

Managing emotional state: Are you willing to do whatever it takes to manage your emotional state and develop a sense of congruency within yourself? Before you automatically respond, "Yes!", think about it for a moment. Do you have the commitment and discipline to work on creating a Zen like mind state 24 hours every day? Are you willing to put in the 'hard yards' to harness the mind? Learn how to trade without emotion.

Mind to muscle: take the concepts, understandings and beliefs that you have about trading and muscle them into your neurology such that you develop congruence and walk the talk of trading excellence. See examples of how the NS Mind to Muscle Pattern has been applied to Currency Trading.


What action do you need to take to achieve trading excellence and in what sequence?

  1. Specify the present situation.
  2. Build a well formed desired outcome.
  3. What is important to you about trading? Map out the structure. What will a trading lifestyle give you. Build meaning, access the meaning and bring it to bear upon whatever it takes to become a star trader.
  4. Identify and clear negative emotions that prevent you from being a star Trader. Fear, anxiety, panic, doubt, procrastination, over reacting,etc.
  5. Identify your personality type.
  6. Access and mobilise internal resources, identity, attitude, values, beliefs, states, etc. Methodically build the winning mind set such that you can step into the 'zone' and be totally present to the practice of trading. Systematically build the requisite behaviours. Learn to get in the pilot's seat and follow the rules of the trading game. Learn to turn down negative thinking and replace it with a positive coaching internal dialogue that is conducive to you achieving your desired results.
  7. Trading states. Learn to step into the zone. Be focussed yet relaxed. Develop the ability to patiently wait for the setup. Discipline yourself to follow the trading rules like a pilot. Take care with your diet and practise regular physical exercise to keep the mind and reflexes sharp. Be passionate about trading. Get into the drivers seat of your mind and learn to work the controls such that you manage your state without having to resort to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.
  8. Follow a trading methodology that has a proven track record. That I can not help you with but what I can help you develop is a winning Traders Mind-Set to help you methodically improve upon your trading excellence.


Which coaching methods are most effective for building Trading Excellence?

If you want to improve your trading style then Performance Coaching would probably be the best option. Performance Coaching focuses on the actual behaviour of trading.

If you want to learn to manage emotions such as fear, anxiety, greed, exhilaration, guilt, depression and learn how to get into a trading resource state, a trading genius state, the trading zone, to be totally present with the trading activity then Personal Coaching and Transformational Coaching would be your best choice. This I can help you with.


Read what Les Freeman says about using NLP Coaching to build confidence in Online Trading.

"I visited Abby Eagle because I know the power of NLP in general and felt that NLP would help me achieve my desired outcome quicker. I wanted to overcome the fear of 'pulling the trigger' when trading and to feel more motivated. I had two 2 hour consultations.

The most important learning's for me were that I came to realise what my real concern was and how to handle that concern. I felt as if I had a 'ah ha' experience in my second session which was a massive relief.

I feel I achieved my desire outcome as I no longer have any hesitation in placing a trade and I feel more positive about life in general. I believe my key issues have been resolved" Les Freeman (Trader) Gold Coast Australia (26/03/2013)

© Author Abby Eagle

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