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Are you are interested in exploring birth regression or past life regression? Phone 07 5562 5718 or send an email to book a free 20 minute telephone, Skype or Zoom session with Abby Eagle. Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP Hypnotherapy Meditation Gold Coast, Robina. Online NLP coaching available - Skype and Zoom sessions.


How to do Birth Regression and Past Life Regression with NLP and Hypnosis?

Birth regression - past life regression - explore your birth experience - explore past lives with NLP and self hypnosis - fast and effective trance inductions - rapid past life regression procedures done in a waking trance state - combine NLP with hypnosis to heal the past life - heal the present - bring love and healing energy into this life.

How to explore your past lives

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past life regression gold coastIs there any mainstream acceptance of past life regression?

Absolutely! An American psychiatrist, Dr Brian Weiss, author of the book Many Lives, Many Masters, 1988, discovered by accident that some of his clients had past life experiences. He was a mainstream psychiatrist who had no personal belief or interest in past lives.

He had been treating a client named Catherine with psychotherapy for eighteen months with little success until one day under hypnosis he said "Go back to the time from which your symptoms arise." She regressed back to the year 1863 BC when she was a 25-year-old named Aronda.

Much to his surprise, Weiss's work has been taken seriously by many in the medical community.

past life regression hypnosis queenslandIs there scientific proof of past lives?

A team of English researchers who wanted to explore the validity of past lives placed an advertisement in a local newspaper something like the following: "If your child makes bizarre statements we would like to interview you." They received calls from a number of parents. One small girl, maybe five years of age, had made strange statements each time her family drove past a cemetery. "I am buried there." An interview with the family revealed that the girls younger sister had died as a baby before her birth. The girl also described a doll that had been buried with the body. The parents remembered the doll but then stated that they had decided against placing the doll in the coffin, however the grandmother said that she had put it back in the coffin when no one was looking. Permission was granted to exhume the body from the grave - and the doll was found to be in the coffin.

The researchers interviewed a number of other children and were able to identify the location and identities of their previous lives.

(Reference: A video presented at a Brahma Kumaris event at Three Worlds Drumming on the Gold Coast around 2005)

past life regression hypnosis gold coastIs past life regression safe and is there a good reason to explore past lives?

In a unique example related by Osho, a young Indian girl could remember her entire past life, which meant that she remembered being an old woman. This made it difficult for her to play with other children. She was also able to describe and name the place where she lived and the members of her family. She was turned into a celebrity by her parents and went mad. However, complete recollection of past lives is very unusual because nature provides a mechanism to ensure that we have amnesia for our past lives, hence most people have no recollection at all of their previous lives. In some cases, though, the root cause of a problem in this life is to be found in a previous life, and the most effective way to heal that problem is to explore the past life. In many cases this brings about a resolution of the problem.

how to regress to past lives with hypnosisHow is NLP and hypnosis used to explore past lives on the Gold Coast?

Most people who practise past life regression will use a technique that relies upon hypnosis to get the result. After discussion with the client as to the reasons for wanting to explore past lives the client is made to feel comfortable and secure lying on a mattress. The client is then placed into a deep hypnotic trance and given suggestions to regress back over time.

By combining NLP with hypnosis we can ensure that the client stays comfortable at all times. That is to say we can have the client step back from the event and the feelings or have them associate into the event as if they are reliving it. This ability to step into and step out of the the event means that if the client begins to feel uncomfortable we can take them out of it. In addition, negative events can be healed rapidly and gently, without any need for catharsis, using NLP techniques. In all cases the focus is on healing the past and accessing resource states, such as love, healing, joy and happiness, and then bringing those good feelings into this life such that they become available in all those situations where you need them most.

regress to birth with hypnosisCan NLP and hypnosis used to regress back to birth?

NLP and hypnosis are effective for birth regression as well. And as I have stated in the previous paragraph the regression does not have to entail an intense display of emotion. In fact any regression technique that uses a breathing technique to re-access birth will in most cases involve an association into intense feelings, which in many cases is not useful and may exhaust the subject.

NLP and hypnosis combined gives the practitioner much more control over the process so that the exploration can be done gently. For example, with a snap of the hypnotherapist's finger and thumb the client can move to ten minutes before the birth, to one hour after the birth, the next morning and so on. This means that the subject is able to preserve the learning's and come to a new understanding. It is also a lot more fun. It also means that NLP techniques can be used efficiently to heal any part of the event that requires healing, which also allows more time to explore the birth.

Publish your past life stories

If you have an interesting past life story that you would like to share with others then just write it up and email it to me so that I can publish it to this website.


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