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Get professional help for an eating disorder, such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating using NLP and hypnotherapy. Phone 07 5562 5718 or send an email to book a free 20 minute telephone, Skype or Zoom session with Abby Eagle. Neuro Linguistic Programming. - NLP Hypnotherapy Meditation Gold Coast, Robina. Online NLP coaching available - Skype & Zoom sessions.


how to heal eating disorders, bulimia, binge eating with NLP and Hypnotherapy Gold Coast Qld

Scroll down the page to read what othes say...

NLP and Hypnotherapy Work Wonders With Eating Disorders - Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating

About eating disorders Gold Coast - anorexia - bulimia - binge eating - no willpower required with NLP - no internal conflict - no anxiety - no negative emotions - no internal conflict - the underlying issues are dealt with quickly - make rapid gentle change - learn to master your mind and master your behaviour - create a new healthy self image - the eating disorder is quickly replaced with feelings of confidence, love and happiness - reframe the meaning of food and take steps towards achieving your personal and professional goals.


Are you ready to achieve your health goals?

what is an eating disorderWhat is an eating disorder? What is anorexia? What is bulimia?

An eating disorder is characterised by an attitude and behaviour towards food which negatively affects one's physical and mental health. The two most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. The characteristics of anorexia are an avoidance of food sometimes associated with a distorted self image, resulting in extreme thinness. Bulimia is characterised by binge eating followed by vomiting. The feelings of power that may be associated with bulimia can make it confusing for the person. Women with bulimia often have normal body weight but they have an extreme fear of gaining weight. Women and girls are more likely to develop an eating disorder than males. Eating disorders are categorised as medical illnesses and as such someone who suffers from this type of illness should seek medical treatment before seeking help from a practitioner in the complimentary health area.

banish binge eating with hypnosis What is binge eating

Binge eating has both a psychological and physical component. Those people who follow the politically correct low fat diet guidelines are more prone to eating disorders than those on a traditional diet, as per Dr Weston A Price. When fats, especially saturated fats, are removed from the diet the result is nutrient depletion and feelings of hunger. Since there are only three main sources of nutrients: that is fats, proteins and carbohydrates, then on a low fat diet, one has to eat more proteins and carbohydrates in an attempt to meet their nutritional needs. In most cases people will consume more carbohydrates. All carbohydrates, whether they be complex carbohydrates or not, are sugars. Sugar consumption is associated with a host of health problems, including psychological problems.

Whereas it is difficult to binge on proteins and fats because of an inbuilt switch in the brain which turns off the desire for more, there is no 'off' switch for carbohydrate consumption. What limits carbohydrate consumption in those people who follow a traditional type diet is a balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates, with the focus being on the fats and proteins as the centre of the meal, and the carbohydrates as being a secondary item.

Both grains and milk both contain natural opiates that can cause food cravings - cravings that can be moderated by increasing the intake of traditional type fats and oils, such as animal fats, butter, cream, coconut oil and olive oil - and avoiding seed oils such soybean, safflower, canola and cottonseed.

Typically a binge eater will have a preference for sweet or savoury items such as bread, pasta, cereals, fried chips, crisps, biscuits, ice cream, low fat yogurt, chocolate, sweets, soft lollies, and junk food from fast food franchises. Food items that in some cases are loaded with chemical additives and typically lacking in nutrients that the body needs. The result is a heavy stomach combined with a feeling of hunger, and the feeling that something is missing from life. The 'thing' that is missing is actually nutrients but is often misinterpreted as not having enough love, confidence and happiness.

Binge eaters often miss breakfast or eat an insufficient breakfast, so that by the time it comes around to mid day they feel famished. They may try and banish the hunger with coffee and caffeinated beverages but eventually their low blood sugar levels create a sense of urgency for food, any food, which tends to be from a convenience item loaded with simple sugars. Part of the solution is to eat a healthy breakfast.

treatments for eating disorders gold coastWhat treatments are available for eating disorders?

The medical profession offer a range of treatments, which may involve medication, dietary advice and psychotherapy. The complimentary health profession offer a range of effective therapies as an adjunct to medical treatment.

can nlp, hypnotherapy and meditation help with eating disordersHow can NLP and hypnotherapy help heal an eating disorder?

NLP posits that the mind affects the body, and that the thoughts that we have are not random but have a definable structure, hence by working with a person's thought processes we can change their behaviour. NLP is not concerned with 'why' someone has an eating disorder, just in 'how' they do the process. Once the NLP Master Practitioner understands how the person 'does the eating disorder' they use specific cognitive procedures to help the client make rapid gentle change.

For example, if a teenage girl over responds to the needs and wants of others; if she believes more what others say about her than what she knows to be true - always trying to meet the needs, wants and expectations of others - then she may turn into a people pleaser. In a nutshell this means she has given her power away to others. The NLP Meta Programs involved are Self/Other and Internal/External.

If she also has a meta program on procedures rather than options she may end up being very controlling in her behaviour as a way to meet the expectations that were created by others. Part of the solution is to gain flexibility with being more 'self', 'internal with an external check', and 'options'. Read more about NLP Meta Programs.

Hypnosis is effective in identifying the underlying causes. Hypnotherapy is also useful in helping the client make changes without having to bring memories into consciousness. Meditation helps to relax a stressful mind and brings self awareness which is an important component of healing.

can nlp, hypnotherapy and meditation help with eating disordersWhat actually happens during a NLP Hypnotherapy session?

To learn more about what actually happens during your NLP Hypnotherapy session please visit this page.

how to heal eating disorders, bulimia, binge eating with NLP and Hypnotherapy Gold Coast Qld

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testimonial for nlp and an eating disorderRead what Melisa has to say about using NLP to recover from an eating disorder:

"I suffered with manic depression and an eating disorder for 10 years. I saw countless psychiatrists and psychologist but to no avail. I had 4 NLP sessions with Abby Eagle and now my eating disorder and manic depression have gone. I got a real big result. I enjoy food now. My relationship with myself has improved. I don't look at people so critically anymore. I feel I have gone to a higher realisation of myself." Melisa Huyghebaert Nerang, Gold Coast, Qld.

testimonial for nlp and anorexiaRead what Natalie says about healing from Anorexia

"My experience of NLP with Abby Eagle in dealing with my anorexia was very gentle. I did not have to experience emotional trauma to gain a different perspective on my life. In 4 sessions I was able to achieve significant changes in my life and relationships and NLP has played a part in assisting me to do this. I feel confident that my healing's are permanent." Natalie Griffith Worongary, Gold Coast, Qld.

testimonial for nlp in treatment of depression and compulsive eatingRead what Jenni says about healing compulsive eating with NLP

"I battled with alcohol abuse, depression, low self esteem and compulsive eating for 20 years. I spent $1500 on a Gastric Bandaging operation but became regretful and angry when I realised the underlying issues had not been addressed. When life became intolerable I finally visited Abby Eagle for a series of 5 NLP consultations. Immediately I noticed a spasmodic lessening and softening of the problem. After each NLP consultation there was a sense of knowing I was OK, feeling unstuck from the past, and looking forward with hope and excitement to the future. I began to open up emotionally to other people and to myself. I was able to allow whatever emotion I was experiencing to be there without the old urgent impulse to suppress and deny it. And then came an understanding, a trusting that the emotion would pass. But more importantly a realisation that all emotions are a natural expression of me.

The changes are so subtle - an unforced new way of being just easily and gently permeated my life. I feel the results are more than permanent - the 'results' are due to the cleansing of the old stuff. Abby's approach is unique because as well as being gentle and non invasive, it gets profound results." Jenni Walker Nerang, Gold Coast, Qld.

testimonial for nlp in treatment of bullimiaRead what Ani says about healing an eating disorder with NLP and Hypnotherapy

"Going to Abby I was desperate to get help for my eating disorder after 7 hospital admissions for anorexia and bulimia in the last 6 years. I always knew the common sense about eating disorders being an addiction and relief to deeper issues and traumas but that alone is not enough to heal. With Abby, I finally had the permanent relief from the traumas and negative emotions I was trying to avoid with an eating disorder. My family always suggested another admission, but that never helped, with Abby I felt safe enough to address and process my pain and thus, there is no need for an eating disorder now.

Working with Abby has made my whole family so immensely happy because finally, after 'eating more' and 'eating less' to cure my eating disorder, after years of tubes, binge eating and purging, spending thousands on hospitals, hypnotherapists, celebrity personal trainers, luxury lifestyles, surgery, and avoiding my issues with a shopping addiction and blaming my parents, I finally feel total relief of my eating disorder.

The progress I have made is permanent and there is no painful 'recovery process' or keeping my balance I have to go through, the negative emotions I used to avoid with my eating disorder (which initially, I didn't realise the eating disorder was false advertising/false relief) whether it was bulimia, binge eating or losing weight are no longer there and my happiness, relief, health and inner/outer peace is permanently here. As someone who had struggled for years despite getting treatment several times, I know how hard it is to process your pain safely and not get vacuumed back into it, yet Abby made it so easy, permanent and simple.

My weight had been from 35 kg to 78 kg with a height of 5'8, meaning my illness was manifesting in extreme ways. My eating disorder was detrimental to my schooling, my relationships, and university studies despite how passionate I was about my studies, my integrity and more. My weight is becoming stable, healthy, and a manifestation of my good health.

The food I used to binge on is no longer appealing and I have no need to restrict nutrient dense foods from my diet! I eat to live and am developing an amazing relationship with my body - meaning feeling good, staying active and nothing on the outside of myself has felt threatening. Getting rid of an eating disorder means looking and feeling your best, but it's not just getting on a new diet labelled 'recovery', it's working with Abby to release negative emotions and develop permanent good health which comes with the inner peace I developed with Abby.

Working with Abby, I am no longer a people pleaser, no longer overspend on shopping, no longer have an eating disorder, no longer grind my teeth/cheeks when I sleep, no longer look for approval from anyone else but myself, no longer have complex PTSD, anxiety, depression and feel refreshed.

After working with Abby, I no longer feel like a victim to others, life or any circumstances at all. I am creating my dream life with no bumps along the road that I used to self-medicate on with food, and my past PTSD has no impact and is just a plain memory of the past. The results for healing were very instant, because releasing the negative emotion is instant and does not take much time. I don't have to find my balance anymore or relapse anymore, as without the negative emotions of the past I am healthy! Addictive behaviours seem unnecessary, impossible and vulgar and instead I'm enjoying meeting my needs, desires, goals and ambitions.

Abby was very understanding and accepting of what I was going through and did not judge, or project on as a lot of well meaning people do. I felt completely safe talking about what I was going through with Abby and he addressed my inner dynamic and assisted me to become my healthiest version - which reflects in all areas of my life now. I no longer have to put my life on hold after years of battling an addiction to an eating disorder and suffering with PTSD. Abby is very understanding and gave me the space to heal, which I honestly did not think was possible after so many years. But now, it feels truly IMPOSSIBLE to have an eating disorder again, or self-destructing in anyway. Abby taught me the techniques to deal with triggers and negative emotion and now, my eating disorder which was never about food, is gone. I am ecstatic to take care of myself and my health in ways that my eating disorder had not made it possible to in the past.

Thank you so much for saving me so much suffering, hospital admissions and time. I'm finally waking up happy to create my day, building stable relationships and more and only regretting I didn't see Abby sooner. :) " Kindest Regards, Ani Nazaryan, Sydney (12/09/2017)

testimonial for nlp in treatment of bullimiaRead what Dawn says about healing disorderly eating with NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I have struggled with disordered eating behaviors for 40 years. During my teenage years I went to a therapist my mother chose but going to therapy under duress was not helpful. As a psychologist myself, I did "self-help" therapies - cognitive behavioral, mindfulness meditation, "tiny habits", etc... all had some positive effect, but I was still engaging in the undesired behaviors more frequently than I wanted.

I'm a person who continually learns and evolves. My self-therapy was insufficient, I was stuck. I believed I needed to find a resource (a person) that would help me make a sustainable, impactful change; otherwise I would carry this burden to my last exhale, not ever living the best version of myself.

I purchased the 6-session NLP coaching package with Abby and have used only 3 so far. I have the other sessions scheduled out to finish on Feb 5, 2021.

The Neuro Linguisitic Programming (NLP) procedures were completely new to me. I have watched Abby's videos, but the process of him personalizing the process with me was powerful. I feel like it's a tool I can now use for myself.

Communicating with my unconscious mind via the pendulum and ideomotor responses was also completely novel. The process of learning how to communicate and trust my unconscious mind has been profound. Another tool I will carry forward to apply to other struggles.

The time he did a hypnotherapy trance session was novel and incredibly interesting. I appreciate that he strongly encouraged me to learn how to do the self-trance as to not be dependent on his voice and guidance. At every turn, he is empowering me to learn & practice so that I feel confident to apply these methods for any struggle I have in my life.

After the first session I noticed a new ability to turn down the volume and intensity of the urges to engage in my disordered eating behavior. After the second session I noticed a feeling of clearing out the past, present, and future relationship with my disordered eating behaviors. After the third session I became clear about how I need to weave joy (learning/practice/teaching - yoga/fitness/nutrition) into my entire day; not put my needs last, for the end of the day when I was too tired.

Other notable results include - 1. Living a more authentic life, 2. Reducing cognitive dissonance, 3. Having more time in my day to do the activities I find joy in doing, and 4. Feeling hopeful and confident that I can be FREE of these harmful behaviors.

My presenting problem was severe in both duration (40-years) and frequency (daily). Therefore, a reduction of 60% after 3 sessions is profound for me. I am on track to meet my desired outcome. I have confidence I will achieve my goals and that this healing will be permanent. As a boon, these tools, procedures, and methods will serve me in other aspects of my life. Abby seeks to empower, and he is brilliant at it.

I was unsure how the sessions would play out over Skype, but I am happy to report that sessions are very personalized within a well-defined set of procedures. I watched dozens of Abby's videos; I downloaded and read the FREE downloads from his website, and met with him on Skype before I committed to sessions with him. I have a keen "knowing" when I encounter a gifted, savant. Abby exceeded my expectations.
When our 6 sessions are complete, I will keep him on standby if/when I need further assistance. He is a rare gem in the healing-sphere. I've never seen anyone else so elegantly combine deep knowledge of NLP, Hypnotherapy, AND meditation. He is equally versed and proficient in each method, and combines them with mastery.

Thank you, Abby. I look forward to our next 3 sessions. And a future of lively communications." Dawn Aragon, PhD Psychologist (retired) - Federal Officer - Yoga Teacher. Nashville USA (14th Dec 2020)

testimonial for nlp in treatment of bullimiaRead what Patricia says about healing anxiety and bulimia nervosa with NLP and Hypnotherapy

" I had suffered with anxiety all my life and bulimia nervosa since 1984. I had seen psychiatrists, psychotherapists, thousands of visits for 4 decades, 2 hospital stays for bulimia but got no results.

I believe in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Abby's unique skill set from watching one of his video's about bulimia a few years back. COVID 19 motivated me to contact Abby because now I can work with him from far away on Zoom. So far I have had 3 sessions.

The three most important things for me during those sessions was that the bad feelings went away. He did not trigger any flashbacks - and Abby has a gentle and understandable way to treat problems.

Hypnosis and NLP by Abby has saved me from unspeakable suffering that would have awaited me in the future. Unlike traditional therapy that left me in the same miserable place for 34 years, Abby's NLP Hypnotherapy provided immediate results. He is gentle, empathetic, and understanding without triggering any flashbacks. Now I feel more confident than ever that I can put this "illness" behind me.

After a battle with anorexia and bulimia for over three decades of my life (I am now 49 years old) including multiple hospital stays, a five (5) year long CG Jung Psychoanalysis, CBT, EMDR, medication, genetic review, etc., I had given up hope that one day I could recover.

It did not help that talking about the underlying reasons, traumas and memories made me feel even worse. After each and every such session I felt nothing but horrible. Traditional therapy never helped with the eating disorder I was seeking treatment for in the first place. Because of this non-result, I have been working on my own with yoga.

Since having the sessions with Abby the anxiety and bulimia have both healed and they are gone for good. Keep doing what you do Abby!

The most important reasons for working with Abby has been:
1. I stopped overeating after the first session. (therefore no thoughts of purging come to mind).

2. Forming new and better memories as well as replacing negative with positive feelings.

3. I have stopped eating trigger foods such as sugary foods (chocolate, cake, cookies).

4. Pointing out how my personality works and what needs improvement.

5. Efficiency in managing my time and energy.

6. Implementing tools I can use when other problems arise.

7. And as a result, saving a LOT of money and time I wasted doing ineffective therapy methods. I have paid in the 6 figures US$ out of pocket for past decades of useless therapy. And my grocery bill has been cut by 2/3." Patricia Dr. Till, Attorney and yoga instructor RYT 200. Nashville, Tennessee USA. (15th Dec /2020)


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