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Quit smoking cigarettes with NLP and Hypnotherapy. Phone 07 5562 5718 or send an email to book a free 20 minute telephone or Skype session with Abby Eagle. You have landed on this page because you want help to stop smoking with NLP and hypnotherapy... Neuro Linguistic Programming and online coaching. Drug and Alcohol rehab program Gold Coast Robina. - NLP Hypnotherapy Meditation Gold Coast, Robina. Online NLP coaching available - Skype sessions.


How to stop smoking cigarettes

Click the Image to Get Details of the Course and Learn How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes or read on to get help from a NLP Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner


How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes & Marijuana Fast with NLP and Hypnotherapy

Quit smoking cigarettes on the Gold Coast or on Zoom - discover how you can stop smoking with hypnotherapy - ecological NLP and hypnotherapy - no aversion therapy - no symptom substitution - no weight gain - no feelings of deprivation - no internal conflict - no anxiety - the intention is to replace the smoking with feelings of confidence and relaxation.


Is It Possible To Quit Smoking In One Session?

nicotine addictionIs a cigarette habit an addiction to nicotine?

The addiction model posits that we can become chemically habituated to a chemical yet fails to acknowledge (well at least in the same breath) that the reason why we repeat enjoyable behaviours is because we are addicted to our own neurotransmitters. You could say that surfing, tennis, dancing, a game of football, watching television, checking your email or Facebook account, having sex or being in love are all addictions, in that there may be good feelings associated with the activity which motivate us to repeat it, and when the activity is denied, feelings of restlessness, listlessness, irritability, anger, anxiety, loss, grief or sadness.

Hard drugs like opium, morphine and heroin present a different class of addiction in that the withdrawal symptoms can be so painful that the addict will do almost anything not to experience them, but nicotine does not fit into that class of drugs. The cravings that smokers experience are more a psychological reminder that indicates that, ‘it is now time to have a cigarette’ rather than the sensations of a physical addiction.

Using pharmaceutical drugs to stop smoking fails to acknowledge the part that the smoker plays in the process of doing the smoking behaviour. Treating the difficulty in stopping smoking as a psychological challenge rather than a chemical addiction puts the locus of control back into the hands of the smoker. That is you learn how to get from the back seat into the drivers seat of your mind.

learn to stop smokingCan the NLP hypnotherapy Coach make you stop smoking?

No! All the NLP Hypnotherapist does is help you to get into the drivers seat of your brain. He shows you where the controls of the mind are such that you learn to make the changes that you want to make. If you smoke then how do you know when to smoke? Does the cigarette magically appear in your mouth or did you put it there? What was the thought process? Did you make a picture of a cigarette in your mind? Did you say to yourself, "I feel like a cigarette"? Did you have a feeling? These are your thoughts, your pictures, your self talk and your feelings, and as such you can learn to direct your thoughts away from the cigarettes and onto something more positive. The hypnotherapist cannot make you stop thinking of cigarettes but he can show you how you can do it.

stop smoking habitIs smoking a bad habit?

Some smokers consider that they just have a bad habit yet if this was true then once they have made a decision to stop smoking it should take at the most seven days to change the smoking habit and start something that is more healthy. For example, if you want to change what you eat for breakfast then all you have to do is think about what else you could eat, make a decision, commit to that decision and take action. After a week or so you should find that the new behaviour is installed. Yet the reason people continue to smoke even though they want to stop is because the smoking serves a purpose. That is, it has a positive intention at the level of the unconscious mind, such as being used to suppress negative emotions and bring in a positive state like confidence and relaxation.

hypnosis aversion therapyWhy you should avoid aversion therapy

Aversion therapy is a procedure in which negative feelings and thoughts are associated with the thought of something or a behaviour. For example, some hypnotherapist’s will have the client associate the taste and smell of cigarettes to burning rubber, yet some smokers continue to smoke even though they find the experience disgusting. In addition some therapists think that it is enough to inform the client about the dangers of smoking cigarettes by providing them with written information but clearly this is inadequate as most smokers are fully aware of the dangers of smoking, and many continue the habit even when suffering serious health problems that are directly related to cigarettes.

Aversion therapy fails to acknowledge that the smoker has an unconscious mind as well as a conscious mind. In the cases of aversion therapy where the clinician makes cigarettes taste like burning rubber or has the client associate massive emotional pain to the habit, the clinician fails to acknowledge that the smoker has a heart, that unconscious processes are involved, and that at the level of the unconscious mind the smoking behaviour makes perfect sense.

why not stop smokingMoving from necessity towards possibility

Some people are motivated by moving away from pain, others by moving towards pleasure. That is, some people are motivated out of necessity, others by possibilities. There is a common belief that when people hit rock bottom; when emotional pain becomes unbearable or when they become sick enough that they will be motivated to make positive change yet this is not necessarily the case as many smokers continue to smoke even when hospitalised for a serious smoking related problem. Until the underlying issues are dealt with a smoker will feed the need to smoke, and even in those cases where will power has been used to stop smoking, the desire to smoke may last for decades.

stop smoking naturallyComments by a Gold Coast Master NLP Practitioner

Case note: Mary visits a doctor who prescribes Champix. When she suffers a severe side effect the doctor suggests that she withdraw slowly from the drug. Even though Mary is successful in quitting the smoking habit she still craves cigarettes. So she visits a hypnotherapist who tries to make the cigarette cravings go away, that is he puts her into a hypnotic trance and tells her that from now on she will no longer want to smoke and that from now on she is a non smoker. Hearing these suggestions she feels anxious because deep within her she knows that she needs the cigarettes. She expresses her concern to the hypnotherapist but he ignores the feedback and instead tries to deepen the trance and continues with the same suggestions. As a result the cravings for the cigarettes intensify.

This is a clear example of a therapist failing to acknowledge that the smoking has a positive intention. When I spoke with her I learned that she was a high achiever in business and sport, and that smoking was her only way to be a rebel. Smoking was her way to tell the world where to go. When she stopped smoking using will power six weeks earlier she immediately began over eating and then to compensate for the over eating she increased her exercise regime. Symptom substitution occurs when the positive intention of the behaviour is not acknowledged by the conscious mind.

why hypnosis best treatment for smokingWhat is ecological smoking cessation?

Ecological smoking cessation acknowledges that every behaviour has a positive intention at the level of the unconscious mind, and that the unconscious mind may use a behaviour as a way to suppress negative feelings and to bring in a positive state. Even though the behaviour may be negative the unconscious mind will continue to use it until there is a better option. In Mary’s case, in the aforementioned example, she substituted over eating for smoking and then felt compelled to exercise.

The NLP hypnotherapy method that gives me such high levels of success with smoking cessation is to deal with any underlying issues first and then ensure that the unconscious mind is willing to stop smoking. When both conscious and unconscious minds are congruent then it is a simple process to banish the smoking. The next step is to invite the unconscious mind to access feelings of confidence, love and happiness and have those feelings be available in all those situations where the smoker would ordinarily have wanted to smoke. Having feelings of confidence, love and happiness arising in the heart and spreading through the mind means that the client can totally forget that they ever used to smoke. This is a kind loving way to help a smoker become a more positive and healthful person.

This is not aversion therapy; this is not making someone stop smoking; this is not hypnotising them to stop smoking but working with and respecting all the unconscious processes that play a part in maintaining the problem; and assisting the client to bring about a reorientation in both their conscious and unconscious minds such they are congruent with the change, and they feel like they were the one who made the change by mastering their own mind and behaviour with awareness.

stop smoking success with nlpRead what Brett and Lauren have to say

"We visited Abby Eagle two months ago to stop smoking. We have stopped smoking and are doing well. Now all we need is to fall pregnant and have the life we have been dreaming about... We want to thank you again for what you have helped us to achieve." Brett and Lauren Mueller, Varsity Lakes Qld Australia

stop smoking success with nlpRead how Michelle stopped smoking cigarettes

"I had one 2 hour session with Abby Eagle to help me stop smoking cigarettes. I had smoked for 29 years. I had tried books, homeopathy and network. I had given up smoking many times in my life... yet always snuck in one or two whilst socialising. So never actually breaking the addiction, and it was always difficult.

I was extremely satisfied with the results that I got with Abby. I have not had a smoke since the session four months ago. Over the couple of days after the session when it is most difficult I had all the tools I needed to mentally cope. I am also seeing change in many other areas in my life. Before seeing Abby I always felt that smoking, drinking, and socialising were one. After my session I see the layers and have been able to separate the three activities. I don't have to smoke or drink to connect with people. I also see other patterns and have much more clarity about my goals and relationships.

I still have times when I struggle with smoking only for a fleeting moment. My husband still smokes all the time. When this happens immediately my mind shows me the big picture and says that is something that I used to do! I do believe that I will never smoke again. It is amazing . So much so it has inspired lots of reading and research and future study.

When I booked the session with Abby I wanted fast results and I most definitely got that. Abby's gentle and unique approach was fantastic, so much so I recommend him to everyone I talk to. I never thought that in 2 hrs so much could change." Michelle Blake-Lambert, Self Employed, Currumbin Valley, Gold Coast, Australia.


*** Disclaimer - smokers please read this.

Some smokers have an 'either or' meta program. What this means is that they either stop smoking completely or they carry on smoking. For example, one smoker I worked with cut down from 30 cigarettes a day to 1 cigarette a day after the first session. His friend congratulated him on the progress that he had made but in his mind one cigarette a day still meant that he was smoking and therefore the hypnotherapy had 'not worked'. So for smokers with an 'either or' meta program they either stop smoking completely or they continue to smoke, the hypnotherapy worked for them or it did not. There are no shades of grey. The challenge for this type of smoker is changing the 'either or' meta program to an 'and', such they can make steady progress towards achieving their desired outcome, step by step.

In addition the 'sameness difference' meta program directs the smokers mind to success or failure, for example. Those people who sort for 'sameness' will focus on the tiniest indicators of improvement and feel confident that they are making progress. Whereas those people who sort for difference will mismatch their progress and look for what results they did not get.

Helping the client to shift their meta programs such that they take on a more positive mind set may take a number of sessions.


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