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Michael Hall's, Neuro Semantic, "Mind to Muscle" procedure - how to take a concept and muscle it into the body... Phone 07 5562 5718 or send an email to book a free 20 minute telephone or Skype session with Abby Eagle. NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Gold Coast, Robina, Australia. Online NLP Coaching sessions on Skype and by phone also available.


The Neuro Semantic (NS) Mind to Muscle Pattern: How to Install a New Belief


Neuro Semantic Mind to Muscle Pattern

The Neuro Semantic (NS), Mind to Muscle Pattern, developed by L. Michael Hall, is both an easy and powerful way for you to take something that you know a lot about but have yet to put into practice. "I know that but..." It is designed to help you close the 'knowing doing' gap - to get you to walk your talk, as it is not enough that you understand a principle - you have to embody that principle in your neurology such that you can demonstrate it behaviourally to others.

Summary of NS Mind to Muscle Pattern.

The procedure is to start with a principle, describe the principle as a belief, reformat the belief as a decision, rephrase the belief and the decision as an emotional state then demonstrate it by taking action.

  1. Principle: Describe your understanding of the principle.
  2. Belief: "I believe that..."
  3. Decision: "I will take this action because I believe that... From this day forth I am going to... It is time to..."
  4. Emotional State: Express the feelings in words. "Because I feel that... because I have decided... because I believe that... because I understand that..."
  5. Action: "And so today I am going to... and the next day I am going to... and the next... because I feel that... because I have decided that... because I believe that... because I understand that..."

NS Mind to Muscle Procedure

This is not an arm chair academic exercise. It is not just thinking about a principle; it is taking what you have in your mind and grounding the concept physically in your body. This means that both your voice and your body have to be involved in the process. The process can be done seated, standing or better still while engaged in a physical activity such as walking.

Utilise both gestures and voice volume, tonality and tempo to support the process, for example. While talking out aloud about the principle make gestures with your hands above head level.

As you describe the principle as a belief then bring your gestures down to shoulder level; as you state the belief as a decision then bring your hands to chest height. You might hold your hand over your heart, or hold up your right hand to the side, as in taking an oath. "From this day forth I have decided that..."

As you get down to expressing the emotional state hold both your hands at stomach level. As you express how you will put the principle into practise move both hands out in front, palms up, in a gesture of taking action in the world. Let the movements flow naturally.

In addition to using gestures that begin above head level and progressively move down to the waist, modulate your voice in the same manner. So while talking about the principle your voice may have a high tonality and be quite fast but as you move through the process into the feeling state, your voice should become slower and have a deeper tonality. So one uses gestures and voice tonality in a congruent manner to demonstrate that one is progressively moving from mind to heart, from head to body, from a concept to a belief to a knowing. Hence Michael Hall called this process, "Mind to Muscle".

Always begin the NS Mind to Muscle procedure with a principle.

A principle is a frame of mind, a fundamental truth, an over arching theme that serves as the foundation for a system of belief that guides our thoughts and our behaviour. It is an abstraction that expresses a concept that most people would naturally agree with, for example. "Life is precious." But how people express that principle will be determined by their value system. So even though there may be differences in expression there is still agreement at the highest level.

To create a principle start with a value that has relevance to you. Some examples of values are, "health, success, strength, money, helping others, peace, love and community."

Take the value and use it in a statement, for example. "To succeed at the highest level you need good health." Most people would agree with that statement but then how many people actually live and breath that principle? And that is the purpose of the Mind to Muscle pattern - to get the principle wired into the neurology such that you become congruent with the principle and demonstrate it in your lifestyle.

A principle is the general idea and concept.

A principle is not an affirmation like, "I am a millionaire." or a goal like, "I will make a million dollars."

A principle is the general idea or concept:

Beliefs are more specific:

How to create a powerful principle.

Start with a desired outcome and then work back to the principle. What are the frames of mind that will support you in achieving the outcome? What are the understandings, the identity, the attitude, the values, the beliefs that you need in order to achieve your goal? Now take those words and rephrase them as a general principle, for example.

Desired outcome: Able to walk 5 km every day with ease. Signs of steadily improving cardiovascular health.

A principle that would support the desired outcome: Everyone has all the resources they need within them self.

Mind to Muscle Example 1.


I understand that everyone has all the resources they need within them self to achieve whatever they put their mind to. Since the mind and body form a systemic organism then we can map over resources from one part of the system to be used in another part. We can map resources from one context into another context.

If there was a time in your life where you had a strong sense of self then that resource can be mapped over into other contexts. If there was never a time when you felt a strong sense of self then we can still build in a new sense of self. In regards to health it is important to have a strong inner core and strong sense of self.


I believe that I have all the resources I need within me to be healthy. I believe that I can tap into my inner core of strength and that this core of strength can form a foundation for who I am, such that I come to believe that I am a powerful man. That I have resilience, that I can meet the challenges that life presents to me, that I can say, "Yes.", to my own needs and wants. That I can say, "No.", to people who would try and hinder me. That I can feel good about myself, that I can feel good about my own opinion, that I can feel good about my expressions. That I can love myself, that I can value myself, that I can give myself worth. I believe that I have a right to hold thoughts that bring about a corresponding positive state within my body. I believe that in order to facilitate positive change in the world that I need to set a frame of mind that I must esteem myself, that I must find and develop this strong sense of self such that I can feel healthy sensations in my body.


I have decided that from this point on that I will tap into my core strength, that I will seize every opportunity to map over resources from my role models into my actions, into my behaviours, such that I come to own and enjoy my core strength because I believe that I have value.

I also believe that I have a responsibility to facilitate positive change in the world and to achieve those goals then I owe it not just to myself but to others to keep my mind and body in excellent health.

From this point on I will live and breath from my core strength. My core strength will manifest itself in who I am, in what words I use and in how I express those words.


Now I feel that I deserve to be strong and healthy. I feel that the more that I relax into my core strength that the stronger my sense of self will become, and the more my core strength grows then the more I will be able to relax in my body and mind.

I feel my core strength to be like a core of steel in the centre of my body, hard and resilient much like the alloy skeleton of the second Terminator in the Arnold Schwarzenegger films.

I feel that I can relax into my core strength, because I am the source of the core strength, that my core strength can support me, that my core strength can back me up, that my core strength is like a steel rod in my spine, always there. My core strength is my friend, my core strength is like God. I have no where to go, nothing to do, nothing to prove, I just need to relax into my self and be my self, then I am at one with God. Having God as an ally to back me up, I feel powerful.


And so today, the first thing that I am going to do is take the attitude that all of my efforts count. That all my efforts to improve my business and my life count. Today I am going to acknowledge that every effort that I make, that every new learning, every new understanding, no matter how small has a significance, and that just by recognising my constant attention to improving my life, that this attention actually arises out of an intention that is supported by an immensely powerful core strength.

Today I am going to acknowledge and validate the thoughts and actions that arise out of my core strength. Today I am going to listen to my body. Today I am going to work on bringing balance into my life, such that I create a lifestyle that invites positive life energy to flow into my life.

Mind to Muscle Example 2.

In this example we work on the belief of 'not deserving' but rather than working directly on that belief we out frame that belief with a new belief that 'people have value'.


Everyone has intrinsic value. People have worth just because they were born, just because they are a living being, just because they are human, just because they breath. There is value in everything, in a rock, in a plant, even a piece of rubbish has value to someone - it can be recycled. Everyone deserves fresh air, clean water, good food. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves just for who they are.


I believe that everyone has value, everyone has worth, most importantly I believe that I have value, that I am a worthy person, that I deserve more from life.


From this day forth I will give myself value. Even if others don't give me value I will still value myself, this is a decision that I make right now. To value myself. From this day forth I am going to make a mental note of everything that I do that counts. No matter how small my efforts might be, from this day forth all my efforts towards improving my life count. Even the thought of improving my life counts.


I feel a sense of value growing deep within the core of my body. I feel a sense of strength within me, a core strength that I have value, that I deserve, that I can ask for what I want, that I can have what I want.


I am going to take action right now to demonstrate to myself that I have value. I am going to practise shifting my mind from the negative to the positive. I am going to acknowledge every thought that I have, every intention and every action towards improving my life. And each time that I do that I am going to say to myself, "This counts, this has value."

And each time that I find myself getting down on myself I am going to remind myself that I have value, that I am valuable, that others see value in me. In fact often times people have exploited that value but now it is time for me to appreciate that value and give myself what I deserve.

So today I am going to stand up for myself and esteem myself because I have value, because I deserve to be treated better, because I deserve to be more successful in business. And I believe that I can achieve more from life because I have made that decision to give myself value, so today I am going to demonstrate to myself that I deserve more from life by clarifying my goals, by working on my relationships, by inviting people of value into my life.

Each and every day I am going to build and enhance an identity that is defined by my criteria and by my standards because I have decided today that I can and I will achieve success at the highest level.

Mind to Muscle Example 3.

You can also run specific behavioural content through the mind to muscle pattern. The following is a summary of how to do that:

Concept: You have all the resources that you need within you.
Belief: To achieve success at the highest level you have to have what it takes. I believe that I have what it takes to interview Roger Hamilton.
Decision: I have decided to meet up with Roger Hamilton and interview him on camera.
Feeling: I feel it in my body that interviewing Roger Hamilton is something that I can and will do.
Action: I am mapping out an action plan to interview Roger Hamilton. The steps and stages are… The first action that I will take today is…

See examples for Forex Currency Traders.

See how the Mind to Muscle Procedure can be applied to Trading Forex Currency Markets.



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