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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

How to take a concept, turn it into a beliief and muscle it into the body - with applications to Forex Trading, Currency Trading and Share Trading.


How to Trade Forex, Currency Markets and Shares Without Emotion


The Neuro Semantic (NS), Mind to Muscle Pattern, developed by L. Michael Hall, is both an easy and powerful way for you to take something that you know a lot about but have yet to put into practice. "I know that but..." It is designed to help you close the 'knowing doing' gap - to get you to walk your talk, as it is not enough that you understand a principle - you have to embody that principle in your neurology such that you can demonstrate it behaviourally to others.


Summary of Neuro Semantic Mind to Muscle Pattern.

The procedure is to start with a principle, describe the principle as a belief, reformat the belief as a decision, rephrase the belief and the decision as an emotional state then demonstrate it by taking action.

  1. Principle: Describe your understanding of the principle.
  2. Belief: "I believe that..."
  3. Decision: "I will take this action because I believe that... From this day forth I am going to... It is time to..."
  4. Emotional State: Express the feelings in words. "Because I feel that... because I have decided... because I believe that... because I understand that..."
  5. Action: "And so today I am going to... and the next day I am going to... and the next... because I feel that... because I have decided that... because I believe that... because I understand that..."




The following examples were provided by Brad Togni who trades the Currency Markets.

Trade Without Emotion Example 1.

Profitable traders trade what they see not what they feel

And so I believe I must not give into what I think the market might do and only
trade what I see.

And as such every trade I place from this day forward will be based on what I see and know works.

I feel doing this will reduce losing trades and create higher returns and
this will give me confidence to trust myself in future.

And so from this day forward I will only take trades that match my entry
criteria from what I see. I am going to acknowledge I've done the right
thing which will give me confidence and trust in myself to make trades
devoid of emotions because I am trading what I see.


Trade Without Emotion Example 2.

Profitable traders are patient, they wait for perfect setups and do not fear
missing out.

And so I believe that I must only take perfect setups and nothing in between because I believe that if I wait for these perfect set ups I will have the highest probability of success.

And as such I have decided that I will be patient and wait for perfect setup to appear before I enter any trades from today and onwards.

Placing trades on perfect setups is the only way I will feel relaxed and
confident while trading. If I lose I will know I did nothing wrong and this
will make me feel at ease and ready to place my next trade without fear of
loss because I know I did everything correctly and followed my rules. 

And so from now on I will wait and only place trades when I see a perfect set up in the direction of my bias. I will not accept anything else but the best.
No matter the outcome I will acknowledge that I did exactly what I said I


Trade Without Emotion Example 3.

Profitable traders have confidence and trust in themselves and their

I believe I must trust myself and my abilities as I've been taught by Phil.
I know my plan and strategy has a high probability of success because I see
it day in and day out. Phil is a highly successful trader so I believe I
must have confidence in my trading if I plan to be a successful trader like

And so I have decided that I will only place trades I have confidence in and I will have confidence in them because I trust my ability to find perfect setups that match the rules I trade to.

And because I place trades with confidence then I feel relaxed, calm and totally emotionless because I know I've done everything as per my plan so even if a trade goes against me I will be satisfied because I did everything

And so from this day forward I will only take perfect trade setups in the
direction of my bias as per my plan because I know they have the highest
probability of success. From doing this I will build confidence and trust in
my abilities because my account size will grow and the more my account grows the stronger my trust and confidence will get.


Trade Without Emotion Example 4.

Profitable traders have control of their emotions.

And so I believe trading without emotion leads to higher returns because you leave trades alone and wait for correct entry points that follow your rules.
Emotions like greed and fear have no place in my trading because they lead
to impulses and getting emotionally involved in trades which leads to
greater losses or smaller returns.

And so from this day forward I will only place trades on perfect setups and let my trading tools do their jobs (stoploss, take profit and breakeven) while I do
something else. If I place trades only on perfect setups then I've done my
job correctly and have nothing to worry about so there should be no
emotional involvement.

And placing trades on perfect setups is a process of my trading plan and because I have a plan that I know works then I feel relaxed and confident when trading. If I lose I will know I did nothing wrong and this will make me feel at ease and ready to place my next trade without fear of loss because I know I did everything correctly and followed my rules. 

And so from this day forward when I place a trade it will only be for a perfect set and I will use a stoploss and take profit with a 2 to 1 risk reward ratio. I
will also use the trading panel breakeven tool. Following the trading
process makes the decisions for me which leaves no room to get emotionally


Trade Without Emotion Example 5.

Profitable traders do not interfere with trades once placed and they always
protect their positions.

I believe that walking away from trades once placed and trusting the stoploss
and take profit to do their job is the best way to not interfere with trades
because I feel safe knowing I've done everything I needed to so now I don't
have to be there to monitor it.

And so once I place a trade on a perfect set up I will make sure I have set up the take profit and stoploss as well as setting up the breakeven on the trading panel Then I will not look at that chart again until it has closed the
position for me from hitting my tp, sl or breakeven.

And if I place a trade and then let it do its thing without watching it, I won't
get emotionally involved. When I get emotionally involved and watch price
action I end up getting stressed and make impulsive decisions that do not
lead to profitable trading. When I don't get involved I live a relaxed,
happed and stress free life.

And so from now on I will action trades on perfect set ups and then get out of
the way relying on the sl and tp to do their jobs while I go and live my
life in happiness.

Trade Without Emotion Example 6.

Profitable traders are disciplined and follow the rules of their plan
without deviation.

And so I believe that to be a profitable trader I must only take trades and manage trades as per my trading plan and nothing else.

And from this day forth I will follow my trading plan and only take perfect setups and use a 2 to 1 risk reward ratio. I will accept nothing else from this day forward.

And as such, following my trading plan means I don't have to worry or think about things as I know exactly what needs to be done. This makes me feel confident and relaxed. By following the plan and being disciplined I have a feeling of accomplishment which just make me more disciplined.

And so from this day forward I will place trades and take actions that are
aligned with my trading plan without deviation as I know this is what
profitable traders do.


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