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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

NLP Coaching, hypnotherapy and meditation. What is the secret of transformation? How to bring about rapid, long term change...




NLP meta coaching for transformation



(By Abby Eagle) If you want to change a behaviour then change the thought that drives the behaviour. For example, a smoker makes a decision to stop smoking. They say, "This is my last cigarette." But they still light the cigarette and smoke it. The problem is that the attention is outside of self on the behaviour when in fact it needs to be on the thought that creates the action.

The method for transformation is to bring awareness to how they do the process of smoking, which can be reduced to something that they see or hear in the environment, or an image that arises in the mind or something that they say to themselves like, "I feel like a cigarette." This is the thought that needs to be addressed not the actual behaviour itself.

The same goes with all types of negative thinking - deal with the thought at the moment that it arises not what follows; deal with the process not the content of the thought. When a negative thought arises ask yourself, "Does this thought serve me? Is this what I want to be thinking about?" This sends a direct communication back to the unconscious mind. So you are not getting into a discussion with yourself, not getting into two minds and fighting with yourself - just sending a communication directly back to the unconscious mind with awareness. The unconscious mind will process the communication. The next step is to shift from what you don't want to what you do want so you ask yourself, "What thoughts would serve me right now? What do I want to be thinking about?"

So we redirectionalise the brain/mind. We say, "Not this negative thought - this positive thought." __ © Author Abby Eagle


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