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"This meditation is my favourite. In my opinion it outperforms all other meditations. It is gentle, it is easy on the body and mind, it clears out emotional baggage, it brings clarity of mind, it brings peace to the soul, and sometimes you reach a state of bliss which stays with you for weeks." Abby Eagle


Are you ready for the ultimate adventure of inner space?

The Challenge:Search your interiority to find yourself.

You will be given a riddle to answer like, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" "Who am I?" "Who is in?" Or, "What is true?". In Zen this is known as a koan.

The question will take you to the limits of your reality. It will strip away your facades, challenge your identities - the result being that it will ultimately free you from your conditioning - giving you a greater clarity of mind combined with a sense of freedom that has to be experienced to be understood.


Background information on the Zen-Satori Meditation

What happens at the Zen-Satori Meditation?
Each day starts around 9:00am (sometimes earlier) and finishes around 9:30pm. At the start of the day you are given the Zen koan. This question is posed with fellow meditators who act as supportive mirrors. Let me explain:

You sit opposite a fellow meditator. You are both in silence. One is designated 'A' and the other 'B'. When the facilitator rings the bell, 'A' asks the question of 'B', then 'A' just sits there in silence in a meditative posture. 'B' then has the opportunity to answer the question. After a period of time (generally 5-10 minutes) the facilitator rings the bell to signify that it is time for 'B' to stop talking. The meditators thank each other, and then 'B' asks the question of 'A'. This procedure is repeated for periods of about 60 minutes with intervals for physical exercise and meals, and may be complemented by various active meditations.


What is the experience like?
The Zen-Satori meditation can be likened to a gentle yet powerful emotional cleanse. Holding the question and sitting opposite a fellow meditator who gives you their full attention, yet at the same time does not judge you with words or body language, builds a feeling of trust and intimacy that makes it possible for you to express yourself from the core of your being. And this is probably one of the few times in life when you may have this experience, because ordinarily when you share your heart with someone they react to your verbalisation out of their conditioning. And their reaction is fed back to you unconsciously as a judgment which may block the natural healing process. However, the Zen-Satori meditation is unique in that it gives you the opportunity to explore your processes in the energetic presence of another human being and yet with only minimal feedback interrupting your process of self discovery. This dynamic process can help you to unburden yourself of lifetime's of conditioning.

Let me explain.

Memories are organised in gestalts which is another way of saying that they are organised with a common denominator. As you explore the memories on a gestalt there is a process of preserving the learning's, developing understanding's and releasing negative emotions. There comes a point in exploring a gestalt when it becomes complete and as the mind relaxes it presents to you another gestalt for exploration and healing. After this gestalt has been explored the mind then presents another gestalt to you, and so on. In the process entire gestalts of memories can be healed, leaving you with new understandings and freeing up energy for you to live life more in the moment. If you hold the question in your heart with an intensity then eventually the answer to the koan will present itself to you.

But to get the most from the Zen-Satori meditation you have to set an intention to be total in your search. Meditation requires discipline, perseverance, awareness, alertness and playfulness. At times attempting to answer the question can be likened to facing a wall at the end of a corridor in a labyrinth in total darkness. At this juncture you may feel bored, flat, low in energy and wish to be anywhere else but in the workshop. It is at this point that a few people who are too identified with the mind and emotions may leave the workshop thinking that it is not for them. But in fact this low point is just a sign that something positive is about to happen. So if you accept everything as a challenge that occurs during the Zen-Satori meditation, then when you find yourself lost in the metaphorical labyrinth what can you do? You could resort to feelings of anger, frustration, hopelessness, denial, boredom and so on, which is part of the process. But slowly it dawns on you that no effort of the mind can get you through the wall so the task seems even more hopeless, but as long as you hold the Zen koan in your heart then ultimately you will find a way through. And as you develop the understanding that the wall is a mirage then it disappears of its own accord.

Experiences like this may be repeated again and again as you move towards the centre of your interiority. Not surprisingly practitioners of Zen-Satori meditations sometimes report having a glimpse of enlightenment, or sartori as it is known in Zen.


NLP and Osho Zen meditation Gold Coast Brisbane Australia.

Read what Osho says:
"The [Zen Koan] meditation is tremendously powerful, but one should go as deep as possible. One should allow it to sink to one's innermost core. It should penetrate you like an arrow going on and on, and suddenly one day a moment comes as if you are drilling a hole and suddenly the drill has passed to the other side. You have reached the core -- and it is tremendously beautiful."

____ Osho: Dance Your Way To God.



  1. All participants must have some previous experience in meditation, preferably from having attended a course with Abby Eagle.
  2. To participate in the Zen-Satori meditation you need to be in sound physical and mental health.
  3. Participants will be issued with a registration form on payment of the deposit. The form needs to be completed and returned before the workshop commences.
  4. Enjoy yourself because life is just a play.

Please note that the Zen-Satori meditation is not intended to be cathartic in nature nor is catharsis or an intense display of emotion encouraged. However, it is possible that some of the exercises may bring up long forgotten and intensely disturbing emotions or memories. You may even find that witnessing the experiences of other participants to be intense or upsetting. It is therefore important that you do not suffer from any mental or physical impairment and have not been diagnosed in the past with any disorder, condition or injury, either physical or mental that might make it inadvisable for you to participate.



  1. For the duration of the meditation you will be 'in silence' and hence will be unavailable to communicate with or receive communications from the 'outside world'. It is imperative that you deal with all temporal matters before you arrive at the venue.
  2. Please turn off all mobile phones, pagers and communication devices as soon as you arrive at the venue.
  3. Please leave reading materials and electronic toys at home.
  4. At times you will need to wear a watch. If your watch has an hourly alarm please switch it off.
  5. Bring a blanket, pillow, cushions to sit on, a towel and toiletries, even to the non residential workshops.
  6. Wear loose comfortable clothing to suit the weather and you might want to bring a change of clothes.
  7. You will be informed of what bedding you need to bring to the residential workshop.
  8. No perfume, deodorant, aftershave, or fragrances of any kind including essential oils to be worn. Please be free of fragrances when you arrive.
  9. Smokers should discuss the smoking guidelines with Abby.
  10. No alcohol, recreational drugs, coffee or caffeinated beverages, though tea is allowed.
  11. 12. Please bring food and drinks to sustain yourself through the day. A kitchen is available.
  12. Please get plenty of rest before you arrive at the meditation.


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