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You are number one!


You are number one.


You are number one!

(By Abby Eagle) Think back to the last time you flew on an airplane. Do you remember the safety instruction bit about the oxygen mask?

If you were travelling on an airplane with a small child and the oxygen mask dropped from the ceiling what would you do? Would you put it on the child or yourself first?

If you put it on the child first and then you fell unconscious who would take care of the child?

A lot of parents put their children first. It is based upon the NLP meta program of self/other. Parents often work long hours to provide food and shelter for their family. In Australia many parents also drive their children to school and then pick them up afterwards, and then take them to after school activities. While the children do their homework, watch television and catch up with their friends on Facebook the parents prepare dinner, clean up and put the rubbish out. No wonder so many of them seek help for problems with cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, binge eating, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, health problems and a general feeling that they are missing out.

The intention of the parents may be positive but if they get sick then who will take care of the child? And if they smoke, drink, over eat, and use medication to relax and get to sleep then what sort of example are they setting? Do they want their children to grow up like them and suffer from the same type of problems?

If you want to give your children the best start in life then you need to take care of yourself. This has to be a fundamental frame of mind. Each person has to be number one. You are number one and I am number one. By keeping ourselves fit and healthy both mentally, physically and emotionally, we demonstrate to others how to keep themselves fit and healthy. We create balance in our lives and and we demonstrate that balance to others. We become models of excellence and in doing so we empower people to empower others. __ © Author Abby Eagle


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