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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

Create your own video eulogy. Make a video of your life - an autobiography in video. Phone 07 5562 5718 or send an email to to book a free 20 minute telephone consultation. NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Gold Coast, Robina, Australia.


How to Write Your Own Eulogy and Turn it into a Video


how to write and video your own eulogy


It might sound a little strange that someone would write their own eulogy? But why not? If you want something to be done right then you have to do it yourself. And when you think of it - your friends and family are usually on short notice to think of something to say. So why not help them out?

This is what I did - and I found it to be a healing and trans-formative process.


How To Start

1. Start by reviewing your life, shifting through your photographs and writing your autobiography - then modify it so that it fits the structure of a eulogy. The only difference between an autobiography and a eulogy is basically in the introduction and the ending. The ending can be a lot fun. There is heaps of inspiration in Hollywood type films. In my video eulogy I have images of traveling along a road - going into a golden tunnel - coming out at a railway station platform - traveling on the train with a view of the train tracks in front - boarding a plane at night and then an F-18 jet roars overhead and into a sunset.

2. Write an autobiography. See the outline on this page.

3. Consider how you would live your life if you had the chance to be reborn and start all over again. What would you say to yourself? See the Bardo notes.

4. If you want help in writing and producing a video version of your autobiography that can be use as a video eulogy at your death celebration then feel free to contact Abby Eagle from the contact form in the top right of this page.















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