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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

Media Training Events - Gold Coast Australia - learn to become a ferocious and resilient communicator drawing upon linguistic skills from NLP and Neuro Semantics. Phone 07 5562 5718 or send an email to book a free 20 minute telephone consultation. NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Gold Coast, Robina, Australia.


Resources For the Media Training Events Hosted by Abby Eagle


Articles and Videos

1. Present State to Desired Outcome Model

2. How to build confidence in public speaking, on stage and in the board room.

3. How to get the upper hand in a discussion?

4. Learn how to use the power of acknowledgement.

5. NLP Meta Programs

6. How to shift your perspective.

7. He who sets the frame controls the game.

8. How to focus the topic of conversation.

9. NLP Meta Model

10. NLP Peace Mapping Model

11. Questions, statements and commands.

12. How to elicit values and map meaning using NLP and Neuro Semantics.

13. How to build a powerful team Part 1

14. How to build a powerful team Part 2


Personality Tests

Participants are invited to take the Personality Hacker Personality Profile and the Political Spectrum test before they attend the first media training session.

Take the Personality Hacker Test

Take the Political Spectrum Test

Disclaimer: Abby Eagle has no affilation with those two sites.


State Management

Practise a disclipline like Tai Chi which brings you into the present moment and helps to quieten the mind.


Learn How to Meditate and Find Peace of Mind

This package will give you a thorough grounding in how to meditate. You will learn how to witness; how to watch the breath; how to run an awareness continuum; and how to silence the internal dialogue and enter extended periods of no-mind states. You will also learn how to clear a negative emotion. These meditation techniques will help you quieten your left brain hemisphere and activate the right to experience deeper states of peace and calmness. You get a comprehensive ebook plus six audio mp3 files. Learn more...


Learn How to Put Insomnia to Sleep

In this package you will learn how to use self hypnosis to quieten the mind, slow down your energy, and gently drift off to sleep. This is not a cure for insomnia but if you should wake up in the night then you will be able to use the same procedures to quickly get  back to sleep again. This package will also help you to deepen your meditation and be generally more relaxed throughout the day. The package is delivered as an ebook and as three audio mp3 files. You also get the transcripts of the audio files to help you memorise them. Learn more...


Personal Coaching

If you are looking for an NLP Coach then please contact Abby Eagle using the webform at the top right of this page.








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The secret of high achievers
nlp and high achievers
How to build a powerful team
how to build a powerful team
Learn the NLP Meta Model
learn the NLP meta model