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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

Business promo videos - Gold Coast Australia - explainer videos - are one of the best ways to build audience engagement. Hire green screen studio in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast.


Video Production Procedure

Create systems to improve your efficiency and keep the costs down.


Video production procedure step by step

1. Discuss your video options with Abby and come to an agreement.
2. Write your script.
2. Email script, logo, images, slogan, etc to Abby.
3. Pay 50% deposit.

Get yourself to the studio on time Give yourself plenty of time to find parking. Touch up your makeup and check your hair.

4. Film the video.
5. Edit the video.
6. You review the video.
7. Make final payment.
8. Export video to MP4.
9. Deliver video: flash drive, Dropbox, Youtube.


Publish your video on the Internet

Once the video is finished you need to publish it on the Internet. Some options are:
- Publish the video to your own Youtube channel.
- Publish the video to Abby Eagle Studios youtube channel.
- Publish the audio track to Sound Cloud, iTunes, etc.

Once the video is on Youtube then both you and your viewers can embed the video on webpages (if you give them permission to do so) – and the video can be shared on social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin.


Youtube publishing procedure

1. Create a Google account.
2. Create a Youtube account.
3. Create Youtube channel. (You can have multiple channels.)
4. Verify the Youtube channel. (Mobile phone required.)
5. Upload banner image.
6. Upload avatar image.
7. Upload your video.
8. Upload thumbnail image.
9. Title, description, SEO text, tags, monetise.
(Once the channel is setup you just need to do steps 7-9.)


SEO the video

Once the video is published to Youtube you will need the following:
Title: A title that is used on youtube to entice someone to watch the video. This may be different to the actual title that is used on the video itself.
Description: Half A4 page description of the video so that Google can index the video.
Links: Links to your websites, social media pages, other videos, product pages, etc.
Contact Details: Name, business address, phone numbers, etc.
Tags: This is a list of SEO key words and phrases that would help your customers find you on Google and Youtube.
Recording Date: The date the video was filmed.
Thumbnail Image: A good thumbnail image will get more views.

Video marketing procedure

1. To share the video to Facebook – first upload the thumbnail image to your Facebook page - write a description and give the link to the Youtube video. This makes the presentation more professional than just sharing the video from Youtube. Then paste the link to the video in the comments section below the image.

2. Linkedin also gives you the option to upload the thumbnail and then to embed the video. To get the ‘embed code’ you need to right click on the video in Youtube and copy and paste the code into the Linkedin box.

3. When appropriate you should paste the code to your video in the comments section of a friends Facebook feed.

4. Invite friends to share the video – and/or give people an incentive to share the video.

5. You can also distribute the video via DVD, flash drive or Drop-Box.

6. There should also be a call to action in every video.


Where is the Studio?

The studio is at 3/22 Tourangeau Crescent, Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast of Australia. Feel free to shoot me an email and come down and check it out. Bring a script if you like and get some practice using a teleprompter. No charge for that. And we can also discuss background options, graphics, etc.







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