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Abby Eagle Studios
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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

Media Training Events - Gold Coast Australia - learn to become a ferocious and resilient communicator drawing upon linguistic skills from NLP and Neuro Semantics.



For the Media Training Events Hosted by Abby Eagle


POSITIVES (Score 1-5)

Listens to the other.
Acknowledges the other.
Makes eye contact.
Engages people.
Gestures are meaningful.
Maintains composure.
Coherent argument.
Stays on topic.
Identifies the real topic.
Provides specific information.
Asks direct questions.
Asks open ended questions.
Ask meaning questions.
Gathers information.
Uses the Meta Model.
Total Score Positive

NEGATIVES (Score 1-5)

Talks over others.
Uses profanity.
Name calling / labels.
Uses leading questions.
Plays the victim.
Claims special privilege.
Mobile phone (5pts each time)
Total Score Negative







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