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Put Insomnia to Sleep online course Put Insomnia to Sleep Course
How to elicit ideomotor signals online course Elicit Ideomotor Signals Course
Peace Mapping online course NLP Peace Mapping Course
Stop Smoking Cigarettes online course Stop Smoking Cigarettes Course
Quit Smoking Marijuana online course Quit Smoking Marijuana Course
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Sign up as an affiliate with Abby Eagle so that you can promote his online NLP, Hypnotherapy and Meditation courses and his merchandise - and in doing so help people to transform their lives - and in return get paid a commission.


Abby Affiliate Program

This is how the affiliate program works

To help make a positive difference in the world - make it a habit to refer anyone and everyone to using your personal promo code - such that they may learn and develop some skills to step up to the next best version of themselves.

Step 1. To get you into the system as an Affiliate I need you to use this link in the Shopping Cart. Once I receive your email I will send you an email requesting the following information:

- Full Name
- Email Address
- Postal Address
- Your PayPal Email.
- Business Name if Applicable
- Who Referred You

If you can't receive payments via PayPal please let me know so that we can find another payment processer.

Step 2. As an Affiliate you will be issued with a unique promo code. For example, "JOHN247". This is the promo code that you give to people to use when they purchase something from I can track this in the shopping cart when there is a sale. As an incentive for your prospect to buy the product using your promo code there may be a 20% discount for the customer should they purchase the product using that promo code. If you have any marketing ideas then feel free to share them with me.

Step 3. When you introduce a new affiliate to me then this person becomes your subaffiliate. If one of your prospects should buy something from the store and then they sign up as an affiliate they will automatically become your affiliate. You will earn 10% commission on your subaffiliate sales.

Affiliate Commissions: 20% / sale

Subaffiliate Commissions: 10% / sale

Products on Which You Can Earn a Commission
1. NLP Future Selfing Course
2. Idemotor Signalling Course
3. NLP Peace Mapping Course
4. Banish Food Cravings Course
5. Stop Gambling Course
6. Stop Drinking Alcohol Course
7. Quit Smoking Marijuana Course
8. Stop Smoking Cigarettes Course
9. How To Meditate Course
10. Put Insomnia To Sleep Course
11. Past Life Regression Course
12. God: The Greatest Misunderstanding in the History of Mankind
13. How to Meditate eBook

Step 4. Payments
Payments will be made into your PayPal account 40 days after the sale - to allow time for any chargebacks.

If you have any questions please send me an email using the contact form on this webpage.

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