osho discourse About Osho
osho discourse 1. And the flowers showered.
osho discourse 2. Come, come yet again come.
osho discourse 3. Ecstasy the forgotten language.
osho discourse 4. From unconsciousness to consciousness.
osho discourse 5. I am that.
osho discourse 6. Light on the path.
osho discourse 8. Path of the mystic.
osho discourse 9. Satyam, Shivam, Sundram.
osho discourse 10. The beloved - volume 1.
osho discourse 11. The beloved - volume 2.
osho discourse 12. The diamond sutra.
osho discourse 13. The fish in the sea is not thirsty.
osho discourse 14. The golden gate.
osho discourse 15. The grass grows by itself.
osho discourse 16. The heart sutra.
osho discourse 17. The hidden splendour.
osho discourse 18. The invitation.
osho discourse 17. Turning in Zen.
osho discourse 18. Walk without feet.
osho discourse 17. Osho's biography.
osho discourse 18. Emminent people on Osho.
osho discourse 19. Photographs of Osho.
osho discourse 20. Rare photographs of Osho.
osho discourse 21. What is meditation video.
osho discourse 22. About Osho and meditation.


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Osho: The Beloved Volume 2


Osho zen meditation

Discourses by Osho are available in book and MP3 form.

The following notes were taken from the series of discourses:


#1: Excellent: On goal setting. You are already carrying your destiny, just the obstacles have to be removed. Remove the blocks and obstacles. Remove hate and love will flower. Remove unconsciousness and consciousness will flower. Remove the negative and the positive will present itself to you.

#2: Excellent: Drop doubt and trust arises. On Tantrika, Bhakta, Sufi and Bauls. All are on the path of love. Love has three levels. Sex, love and prayer. Tantrika’s use sex without love. Baul’s focus on love, sex is secondary. Bhakta and Sufis are more subtle. Work on prayer. If sex or love enters it is allowed. Good section on patience. Patience as being active rather than passive. Anger, hate and greed are never postponed but love, meditation and prayer are.

#3: The meaning is always at a higher level. A seed has no meaning in itself. The meaning of the seed is in the tree. The meaning of the tree is in the flower. The meaning of the flower is in the fragrance and so on. The meaning is always at a higher level. On the Bauls and rungs of the ladder. Sex, love, prayer. On sex energy. Women are more attracted to men who have power, money and prestige. Men are more attracted by physical appearance. The search for power, money and prestige is about sexual energy. In general the closer one moves to death the more one moves into lust and sexual fantasy. Sexual energy gives a sense of being alive. God chose you as one of His forms.

#4: Love becomes trust. On the projection of philosophers. On Charles Darwin and his theory of the survival of the fittest. Kropotkin’s theory of cooperation. (not sure if the spelling is correct.) Kropotkin theorised that the prey of a tiger relaxes and dies easily, that there is cooperation. The apple cooperates when it is eaten by a man otherwise the nutrients would not be able to be absorbed. If a man eats an unripe apple then the stomach ache may be because the apple was not willing to cooperate. An article in Wise Traditions (Journal of the Weston A Price Foundation) discussed how a number of hunter groups – one being the American Indians – observed how in hunting a herd of Bison the herd would move on leaving one Bison that appeared to have sacrificed itself.
In meditation regress back to your earliest memories. Associate into them and develop an understanding. The greatest scriptures remain unopened.

#5: Excellent: Seven types of religions. 1. Ignorance oriented, in the name of religion, imitation of someone. 2. Fear oriented, hell is the keyword. 3. Do type religion, greed, heaven is the keyword. 4. Religion of logic, calculation, cleverness, do and don’t, religion of the scholar. The first four religions are pseudo religions, the next three are real. 5. Religion based on intelligence not on intellect or logic. Sat – truth. 6. Religion of meditation, awareness and spontaneity. Chit – consciousness. 7. Religion of ecstasy, joy, samadhi. Peace has to dance, silence has to sing. Anand – bliss.
The first door, the door of life is an opportunity to move through the door of love. Between birth and death is love. If you move through love then you move through life.

#6: Excellent* Past and future are unreal because they only exist in the mind – they are illusory. Now is a bridge between the two. Between illusions how can the present be real? The brief moment of now gives the appearance of being real. Real is that which persists beyond time – beyond past and beyond future. All that is experienced is imagination. Unreal is within time. Only the witness is real. Only the experiencer is real – the observed is a dream. Even for a dream to exist a dreamer has to exist. The witness is the search of meditation. Remain alert so the future is not able to deceive you again. What is past was once future. Remain alert so future does not deceive you in the present then past disappears – this is the state of enlightenment. Only consciousness, awareness, the witness is real.

#7: Watch sex energy, don’t enjoy it or get involved, stand above it, eventually it will move to the heart and then to the throat centre as prayer.

#8: If someone loves or hates you then that is their problem and nothing to do with you. The person may be full of love or hate but not ‘at you’. Drop the spatial prepositions ‘at you’. Existence is always showering love upon you. If your ‘pot’ faces upwards then you are open to receiving the love. If your pot is turned face down then you are closed to love. If someone hurts your body then they hurt you. If someone insults you then they hurt your mind. The identification with the mind is the problem. If however, you identify with your being then no one can hurt you. Good section on identification with the body and mind. Being has no form or content therefore it can not change. Once you have entered this emptiness then nothing can touch you. Hopelessness is frustrated hope. Just drop hope. It does not matter who you follow as long as you follow. Follow your heart, follow your energy. Ego takes you into fantasy – awareness brings you back to reality. If you don’t use your energy in a creative way then it will become destructive. Drop the ego. Say ‘I’ in the world but don’t use ‘I’ in your internal dialogue.

#9: I think some of the notes from #8 should really be in here…

#10: Excellent: On gratitude. On the metaphor of the moon reflecting in the mirror like surface of a lake, for a pure witnessing consciousness.
Three stages of samadhi: 1. A small glimpse. Gaps of a few seconds between the thoughts. 2. Gaps become bigger. Vision of reality changes you. What you experience in those gaps affects your being. 3. All the mind disappears – as if woken from a dream. You become one with reality.
The mind is a barrier between you and God. Freedom to do whatever you want but with responsibility. Envy is passive jealousy, the beginning of jealousy. A great section on creativity. Move into your creative energy because that is the dimension of God. God is creativity.


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