osho discourse About Osho
osho discourse 1. And the flowers showered.
osho discourse 2. Come, come yet again come.
osho discourse 3. Ecstasy the forgotten language.
osho discourse 4. From unconsciousness to consciousness.
osho discourse 5. I am that.
osho discourse 6. Light on the path.
osho discourse 8. Path of the mystic.
osho discourse 9. Satyam, Shivam, Sundram.
osho discourse 10. The beloved - volume 1.
osho discourse 11. The beloved - volume 2.
osho discourse 12. The diamond sutra.
osho discourse 13. The fish in the sea is not thirsty.
osho discourse 14. The golden gate.
osho discourse 15. The grass grows by itself.
osho discourse 16. The heart sutra.
osho discourse 17. The hidden splendour.
osho discourse 18. The invitation.
osho discourse 17. Turning in Zen.
osho discourse 18. Walk without feet.
osho discourse 17. Osho's biography.
osho discourse 18. Emminent people on Osho.
osho discourse 19. Photographs of Osho.
osho discourse 20. Rare photographs of Osho.
osho discourse 21. What is meditation video.
osho discourse 22. About Osho and meditation.


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Osho: Light on the Path


Osho zen meditation

Discourses by Osho are available in book and MP3 form.

The following notes were taken from the series of discourses:


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(My MP3 is of poor to average quality.)

#3: Individuality and freedom as highest values. Gachame's.

#4:On darkness. Light comes but darkness is eternal. Nirvana means the blowing out of the candle – darkness. Association of light with good and darkness with bad came about with primitive people living in a jungle, when light was associated with safety and darkness with danger and loneliness. The aloneness of lovers. God as a creation for lonely people.

#6: Excellent: Gnosticism and anarchism. Ananda, Buddha’s older brother and constant companion. On belief in God and how faith stops the search for truth. Galileo and the Pope regarding the Earth circling the Sun. Science versus religion.
The projection of the mind onto the world. The dream projected onto the real. God as a projection from the imagination. Fasting and ‘religious experience’. A Hindu never has the experience of Christ, a Christian never has the experience of Krishna. (Western channellers always channel Christian saints.) Fasting as a non vegetarian act. How fasting destroys the higher faculties of intelligence and love. After 3 weeks of fasting it is impossible to distinguish between imagination and reality. Ramakrishna. How organised religion works (unconsciously) to keep people asleep through rituals, fasting, sensory deprivation, faith, belief, reading scriptures, prayer, chanting, visiting the temple, etc. A dumbing down process. The irony that religion is really meant to wake people up, not put them to sleep.
Osho’s comments on how religious experiences can be created through fasting, sensory deprivation and prayer are echoed by some neuroscientists who are able to create religious experiences through electrical stimulation of the brain, and with drugs.

# 7: On smoking and breast feeding. Love. Learn to observe yourself and others without prejudice – no judgement. Using awareness to find the root cause of a problem. The effectiveness of conscious awareness in bringing about a change.

# 8: On finding a home. Non attachment. Freedom. Not searching for a home. Difference between a house and a home. Existence as home. Psychology of a home. The other as a stranger. We are wanderers searching for who we are, not a home.
About Buddha’s statement that he would return after 2500 years. Master disciple relationship. The device of surrender has to be dropped because generally the individuality is lost while the ego is strengthened. On being here and now. Life as horizontal and consciousness as vertical.

# 9: Diogenes and Alexander the Great. Alexander died at the age of 33 with his hands hanging over the sides of his coffin to show that he died a beggar.

# 10: On Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. Embarrassment and respectability. Finish with embarrassment and finish with the ego. Aristotelian logic does not represent the territory of existence but only the split mind. Left and right handedness. Brain/mind left, right, front, back. Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell. Mind creates division, takes two ends of a continuum but misses the in between. Love and hate. Light and dark. Upside and downside. Life and death. Life moves to death and death moves to life. Everything is a matter of degrees. Distinctions are man made. Existence has no distinctions. The inner posture is required, not the yoga posture.
Graves of Moses and Jesus in Pahalgam Kashmir. Jesus died at 112 years of age.


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