osho discourse About Osho
osho discourse 1. And the flowers showered.
osho discourse 2. Come, come yet again come.
osho discourse 3. Ecstasy the forgotten language.
osho discourse 4. From unconsciousness to consciousness.
osho discourse 5. I am that.
osho discourse 6. Light on the path.
osho discourse 8. Path of the mystic.
osho discourse 9. Satyam, Shivam, Sundram.
osho discourse 10. The beloved - volume 1.
osho discourse 11. The beloved - volume 2.
osho discourse 12. The diamond sutra.
osho discourse 13. The fish in the sea is not thirsty.
osho discourse 14. The golden gate.
osho discourse 15. The grass grows by itself.
osho discourse 16. The heart sutra.
osho discourse 17. The hidden splendour.
osho discourse 18. The invitation.
osho discourse 17. Turning in Zen.
osho discourse 18. Walk without feet.
osho discourse 17. Osho's biography.
osho discourse 18. Emminent people on Osho.
osho discourse 19. Photographs of Osho.
osho discourse 20. Rare photographs of Osho.
osho discourse 21. What is meditation video.
osho discourse 22. About Osho and meditation.


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Osho: The Invitation


Osho zen meditation

Discourses by Osho are available in book and MP3 form.

The following notes were taken from the series of discourses:


#1: “To find yourself you have to lose yourself.” Your world is nothing but your projection.

#2: Excellent. The difference between the spiritual question of “Who am I?” and the psychological trauma of “Who am I?”. Great section on witnessing, the ego and the self. Drop everything that is false and be authentic and true. Meaning is context dependent. Accept everything that happens with absolute gratitude.

#3: Nothing ever happens. We only deluded that something is going to happen or is happening. In fact there are a million things always happening if we can just see it. Existence is sharing and compassionate only to the those who are desireless.

#4: Excellent. On belief as hypnosis and how it prevents us from actually having the experience. On Gurdjieff and the mind as a prison. If we believe we are free then we will never even try to free ourselves. For example if a Christian believes they he/she is saved then it prevents all inquiry. Those who believe never even begin the search. Belief is not a bridge but an obstacle. Step 1 is to realise that you are in a prison. The belief that you think is your protection is your prison. “Watchfulness, alertness, awareness, consciousness are all different names to describe the same phenomena of witnessing.”

#7: Excellent. Single pointedness is the same as concentration. Meditation is different. Know thyself and then be thyself.

#9: Meditation brings light in and death is then found to be the greatest fiction.

#10: Excellent: Great section on gratefulness. Suitable for a poster. Gratitude is the only prayer that you need. Life is mostly a question of understanding. So just understand and pay attention to what life has given to you. Are you worthy of it? You have been given a heart – use it.

(not sure of the discourse#) Opening to more love. Attachment, gratefulness. Responsibility and freedom – Hitler.

#11 - #15: Pretty good but I did not make any notes.

#16: Excellent sections on mind. You are not the other person or their statements. Don't get involved. Disidentify from the problem. Get distance from their statements. You are not a part of them.

There is no spiritual memory. Only psychological memory or factual memory. When you die and pass from one body to another only two things go. Spiritual being and psychological memory. Factual memory is left behind.

Distinctions between brain and mind. Factual memory is part of the brain. Psychological memory is your mind. Mind is created by identification of the being with the brain. It is an epiphenomenon. Mind has no existential reality. Brain has an existential reality - it is a biocomputer. When being becomes attached / identified with the brain then mind is formed. Need to disidentify with whatever goes into the brain. This is the only way to dissolve the mind.

Remembrance of past lives is of psychological memory. It may or may not be true.
After each life a door closes which prevents access to past life memories. Mahavira invented the technique for unblocking access to past lives. Jati smirim (not sure of the correct spelling) means memories of your past lives. This technique is not recommended by Osho as this life is enough and the technique will give access to all of the past memories.

Osho recommends hypnosis regression which does not break the barrier. Will naturally regress in chronological order. Birth, conception, death, being an old person, a younger person, having children, getting married, being a child, born and so on.

How to test if they are real past life memories? Under hypnosis in which one has no conscious recall after the session the memories should be exactly the same each time you do the technique.

In the brain there are some 700 centres. E.g. speech centre, sex centre, dream centre, past life centre. When a neuroscientist probes the dream centre each time he places the probe in the same spot the dream should start from the same spot again and not from where it was left off.

All past life memories are psychological memory. We remember the desire of the past life. So if we remember being Alexander the Great or Cleopatra it is because we desired to be something like that. If we are an ordinary person in this life then it is impossible that we could have been someone like Alexander the Great or Cleopatra as each life we become greater in some way. So if we were a really bad person in a past life then we might become worse or become a very humble person but not just an ordinary person living in the 'suburbs'.

#18: On Grace.

#19: Going 'in' is a misnomer. We are always in. We actually stop going out by learning to come back to ourself.

#21: Excellent. "Meditation is a technique to reach the divine state of intoxication." Excellent section on Transcendental Meditation as a mind relaxation technique. And great section on the meditation process.

#22: Interesting discussion on how the concept of 'God the Father' came into being. References to Freud's research. E.g. A King is killed by an impatient and jealous Prince waiting to get the throne. Out of guilt ancestor worship develops. The son prays to the dead asking for forgiveness, etc.

#24: The root of 'sin' in its original form means unawareness. The concepts of heaven and hell were created by the priests to tap into our greed (heaven) and our fear (hell). Anything done with awareness is virtue while anything done in unawareness is sin.

#25: Great anecdote about when Osho was teaching at University. Creating an atmosphere of respect between boys and girls in the classroom. Great section on Osho's ideas on teaching and assessment methods.

#26: On the futility of Psychoanalysis. How the eastern mind is different to the western mind and why therapies such as Psychoanalysis are totally useless and even dangerous for easterners. For example the idea that one could hate one's mother or father is enough for a Japanese to commit Hara Kiri. On EST (Landmark Forum workshop) and the no-piss training.

#27: On TM and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi cheating the West. TM not transcendental and not meditation. Levitation fraud lawsuit. Yogic flying which is really hopping like a frog.

#28: The biology is attracted to the biology of the other then we label the experience as love when in fact it is biological lust.

#30: Comparison between Hitler, Krishna and Manu. On the religious feeling's of NeoNazi's in USA. On the prejudice of the Hindus re comments about Krishna. On Manu. Millions of women have burned themselves on the funeral pyres of their husbands as a result of Manu. Manu set up the Indian caste system. One quarter of the Hindu population are Sudra's - untouchables. Hitler, Krishna and Manu have all been responsible for the deaths of millions of people. On how our conditioning is hurt when someone makes a comment against our religion.


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