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Stop Drinking Alcohol Course

Stop Drinking Alcohol Course

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This course is designed for the individual who wants to banish bad habits by learning how to communicate with their unconscious mind in a simple but carefully sequenced manner. Once you learn how to banish beer, wine and spirits from your life you will have the tools to transform your life.

This course is also recommended for professional coaches who want a tried and tested procedure that they can add to their repertoire
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People smoke cigarettes and marijuana, drink alcohol, gamble, eat chocolate, binge eat and waste time on social media and television because they are trying to suppress a negative emotion like boredom, loneliness and anxiety – and on the other hand they are trying to bring in a positive state like relaxation and confidence – or trying to give themselves something like love or nurturance.
Cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, gambling, food and social media are often used as way to take time out, distract yourself and quieten the mind but the relaxation that comes with these items is accidental and may come at a great cost.
The activities in this course are carefully sequenced to help you create a framework for working with your unconscious mind and communicating to your unconscious the outcomes that you desire to achieve. Part of that process is learning to hold intelligent conversations with your unconscious mind using questions, statements and commands such that you communicate to your unconscious mind to turn down thoughts that no longer serve you - and to access resource states and have those resource states be available to you in all the situations when you should need them. In doing so you learn to move from the back seat into the drivers seat of your life.
In the Discussion Group you will have the opportunity to network with other students and participate in intelligent discussions.


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