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"Why What Do" is a documentary film series that attempts to give us insights into why people do what they do?


Why What Do?

Explore the meaning that underpins behaviour.


Short Description

The documentary series, "Why What Do", produced and hosted by Abby Eagle explores the meaning that underpins behaviour. It attempts to map out the structure of why people do what they do.

In most cases we only ever see a person's behaviour but what is the structure of that person's model of the world that creates that behaviour? Who is that person? What is their make up? What is their history? What meaning have they created? What motivates them? What drives them? What are their thoughts? Why do they do what they do? What is the essence of this person?


Long Description

Typically if you bring a group of people together to discuss a topic on current affairs you will find that the group becomes polarised between political Left and Right. The polarisation is because of a difference in values and meta programs. At times it is important to focus on content but in arguments between the Left and Right our first option should be to take a step back – to acknowledge the differences in values and meta programs which work to form personality type – and to take a risk and look at the topic through the eyes of the other. I am not talking about empathy or standing in someone else’s shoes which is more about how it feels to be the other. Here I am talking more about a fundamental difference in the programming of the mind.

So these conversations are an opportunity to gain an understanding of why people do what they do. Every action is driven by a thought – so to change behaviour we need to understand what it is that drives and motivates people. We can gain an understanding of that structure by mapping out values and meta programs.

Meta Programs are perceptual filters that generally operate out of conscious awareness. They filter perception and determine your preferences in how you think, feel and act. For example, making a decision based upon feelings versus facts and logic is a meta program.

Values work in a similar fashion to meta programs in that they create a frame, a focus, a perceptual filter. Values determine every decision that you make but how you go about making the decision will be based upon your meta programs.

By learning how to recognise values and meta programs we can begin to understand why people do what they do. In doing so we can begin the process of mapping out the structure of peace and reconciliation throughout the world.



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