osho discourse About Osho
osho discourse 1. And the flowers showered.
osho discourse 2. Come, come yet again come.
osho discourse 3. Ecstasy the forgotten language.
osho discourse 4. From unconsciousness to consciousness.
osho discourse 5. I am that.
osho discourse 6. Light on the path.
osho discourse 8. Path of the mystic.
osho discourse 9. Satyam, Shivam, Sundram.
osho discourse 10. The beloved - volume 1.
osho discourse 11. The beloved - volume 2.
osho discourse 12. The diamond sutra.
osho discourse 13. The fish in the sea is not thirsty.
osho discourse 14. The golden gate.
osho discourse 15. The grass grows by itself.
osho discourse 16. The heart sutra.
osho discourse 17. The hidden splendour.
osho discourse 18. The invitation.
osho discourse 17. Turning in Zen.
osho discourse 18. Walk without feet.
osho discourse 17. Osho's biography.
osho discourse 18. Emminent people on Osho.
osho discourse 19. Photographs of Osho.
osho discourse 20. Rare photographs of Osho.
osho discourse 21. What is meditation video.
osho discourse 22. About Osho and meditation.


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Notes from some of Osho's discourses...


My Way of the White Clouds


Osho zen meditation

Discourses by Osho are available in book and MP3 form.

The following notes were taken from the series of discourses:


#1: What happens when a Buddha dies? Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be experienced. Where there is relationship there is separation. When you become the other then conflict disappears. Become one with a white cloud, etc. The Garden of Eden parable. The Garden of Eden exists now but because we are in the mind, that is have chosen to eat of the tree of knowledge, then our ego prevents us from being aware of it.

#2: Excellent: In a way there is no past, present or future, just an eternal now. Now is an eternal flow. Boundaries are fiction hence individuals are fiction. In peripheral sensing, in a no-mind state boundaries dissolve between people, animals, trees, etc. (Is the self a synonym for the ego?) meditation is the search for no-self not the ultimate self. The phenomenon of direction only occurs when there is resistance. (We need to do goal setting because we are in conflict with ourselves.) In let-go we flow with life. The wind and the clouds are one. There is no boundary between them when there is no will. Will, that is the ego, creates division and the sense of boundary.
Every age expects a positive shift in consciousness. It is just the ego that thinks this is going to be the time when a new age is born. The consciousness of humanity is not the target. Your consciousness should be the target.

#3: Excellent: If no one gives you any attention then the ego cannot exist. Create the effect and it will become real. Act as-if and be total in it, then it will become real.
On the Zen koan. The goose is out. The watcher, witness, awareness, mindfulness is always out. It is never in. Japanese used to think with their belly, some Chinese through their feet. How to get out of the feet, belly or head? The witness is all around and in all of the body.

#4: Excellent: If you are sitting silently but it takes effort to maintain the silence then the mind is moving and the silence is an illusion. Sitting silently or watching the breath needs to be effortless. Direct insight – immediate penetration into your self is all that is required for enlightenment. It does not require a particular master or a dogma. Enlightenment is not caused by anything. It is from a simple insight. Hope and desires need to be dropped. Hope is an absurd game. Mind is logical and works in a straight line. Life is dialectical, it uses opposites. On Dynamic meditation. On effortless effort, the pathless path and the gateless gate. These all refer to the dialectical. Effort is required for the periphery but effortlessness is required for the centre. Not to identify with either the centre or the peripherary. Either you are both or you are none. These are the two poles. (In goal setting one uses discipline and effort for the peripherary and relaxes into a let go for the centre, so that life can present itself to you.)

#5: On the ego. The ego is the centre of the mind. It is the sum collection of memories and our identification with them. You are not the ego, you are the one who those things have happened to. Time is breath for the ego. Unless time drops then the ego cannot drop. On the resurrection of Jesus.
Spiritual growth is not growth but a revelation, a remembrance. The understanding that you can just drop the ego takes time but the actual dropping occurs in a moment. Bring understanding to your energy. If it was negative then it will disappear. If it was positive then it will deepen. A holy man is a man of understanding. A sinner is a man who lacks understanding.
There are two schools of enlightenment. The sudden and the gradual. Both are right. Work hard as-if enlightenment is going to happen this moment but be patient and relax. Sex energy is the only energy that you have got. It can be transformed. The higher it moves the less sex is in it. Finally it becomes love and compassion. To transform sex bring meditative awareness to it. Don’t let it be an unconscious force. A state of no-thought with a totality of being creates the ecstasy of sexual orgasm, not the physical act. Meditation works to show you that you can create the ecstasy of orgasm without the sex.

#6: On suppression, expression and transformation of energy. Inherent in sex is embarrassment, guilt and self consciousness. Sex shows your deepest dependence. The possibility of rejection. Fear of sex because control may be lost. Develop the control of a witnessing self. Control happens spontaneously with witnessing. Do not become unconscious – be total but remain a witness. Witnessing transforms the sex energy, a new circuit is created – an inner circle of energy independent of the other.

#7: On a 13 yr old girl who could remember her two most recent past lives. Nature protects us from remembering past lives until our meditation is deep enough.
There are two paths. The path of love: work out your past in relationships. The path of meditation: work out your past in loneliness. Listening to Osho’s discourse without any internal dialogue is one way to develop inner silence.

#8: On developing a strong ego so that it may be dropped. Only a very rich man can become poor because he has something to lose. You are part of an infinite source of energy, so how can you say that you lose energy? Constantly affirm to yourself that you are part of an infinite energy. If you think that you will lose energy then you will, if you think that you will gain energy then you will. On myths that loss of semen means a loss of energy. Love, sex, any activity – the more you give then the more you receive.

#9: On the master disciple relationship. Because the whole contains the part there is always going to be contradictions when you talk about the whole.

#10: Excellent: On awareness and the eternal awareness. The pure witnessing consciousness has always existed at your centre but you are out of touch with it because you live at the peripherary. Through meditation one moves the attention from the peripherary to the centre. Awareness with effort is heavy while awareness that is effortless is light.

#11: Contradictions are required in order to experience ecstasy. Silence can only be appreciated in the context of sound. The feeling of well being is not dependent upon physical health. Renouncing the world is like saying no to the gift of life given to you by God. In a society of pathological people act as-if you are also mad but it do it more convincingly and with awareness.

#12: On Gurdjieff and the stop meditation. The anecdote of the disciple who nearly drowned in the canal during the stop meditation. Zen Koan is a way to put your mind out and to unburden yourself. The mind goes out of the front door and the silence enters from the back door.

#13: Excellent: On Mohammed and the Koran regarding information sourced from your centre. The outer Master is representative of your inner Master. Be a passive alertness to allow the silence to penetrate you. Thinking as an addiction.
No thought is the way to enter into yourself. Thinking creates a barrier to the silence. In the day there is alertness and occupation of the mind. While asleep there is passivity with unconsciousness. What is required is passive alertness with no activity of the mind. Occupying the mind with an activity such as a mantra or roserary beads creates a false silence.
When you feel a presence allow it to happen. The answer only comes whey you stop questioning. There are many questions but only one answer. The only discipline required is to drop your fear.
On the distinctions between male and female energy. Love needs another while meditation can be done alone. Loneliness comes naturally to a man. For a woman deep down there is an urge to love. A woman reaches to meditation through love while a man reaches to love through meditation. Once a man has discovered love through meditation then he is able to have a relationship. The path of love and devotion must have been created by a woman.

#14: On raising children. Everything in existence is divine but the mind divides the world into good and bad. The presuppositions of the three Judaic religions are of duality. The presuppositions of the Hindu religions are of oneness and that our perception creates the idea of good and bad. When a child is obedient the parent feels good but only disobedient children have become great scientists and inventors. Tiredness as a consequence of rejecting a part of your self.

#15: (My MP3 has bad background noise.) About Sannyas, purposeless of life, living in the moment. Do things so totally that no memory can be accumulated. Be so total that the ‘I’ is not there. The colours of Sannyas are the colours of flowers. Rather than generating anxiety by thinking and planning use your intelligence to respond in the moment. Intelligence will always be there – you can rely upon it.


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