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(By Abby Eagle)

(3/12/2014) Awareness is the key. Without awareness we cannot change ourselves or the world. To be aware means to be conscious in everything that you do. So when you walk be aware of the walking; when you eat be aware of the eating; when you drink be aware of the drinking. When you check your Facebook account be aware of that process - do not be unconscious of the process. Practise bringing awareness to every thought and every action - and you will discover that you are not the body, not the mind, not the thoughts, not the emotions - but that you are a pure witnessing consciousness. Then joy arises in the heart.

(4/12/2014) Friday afternoon you will hear people say things like, "Let's get out of it, let's get plastered, let's get blotto." What it indicates is that the mind is so painful for them that they will do anything to get out of it but the problem is that drugs and alcohol take you below the mind. The solution is meditation. Past is past - just learn from it and let it go. Future is yet to come - so plan well but then put your trust in existence and relax into the present moment.

As you withdraw your attention from the past and future you become more present. You come out of the mind, out of the thoughts and you are a pure witnessing consciousness - very much present, alert and alive in the present moment. You become free - there is no anxiety, no stress, you just live totally in this moment with a deep trust that all will be well.

(5/12/2014) Chunk size and sequencing. Every project should be chunked into a manageable size. For one person setting a goal of making an extra $10.00 per day would be something that they could handle whereas for another it could be $100.00 or $1,000.00 per day. Each of the steps involved towards the making of that amount of money will also need to be chunked and sequenced in the right order. Once you get the system in place then you can amplify the process and deal with larger chunks - of success.

(6/12/2014) Who are you really? Look in a mirror. You are not the reflection. You are not the one in front of the mirror. You are the one who is aware of both. You are the witnessing consciousness.

(7/12/2014) Your success in life is contingent upon the quality of the conversations that you have with yourself and others.

(12/12/2014) Imagine having a friend like the Terminator - Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator 2 film - someone who loves you totally, protects you, will do absolutely anything for you. Is always there for you. Never argues with you, never rejects you, always acknowledges you, appreciates you and celebrates you. Strong, supportive, someone you can rely upon and trust. This could be a description of God. This could also be a description of the unconscious mind – as long as you just learn to communicate with your unconscious mind in the right way.

(13/12/2014) Meditation has no outcome, apart from waiting for awareness to become aware of itself - of waiting for consciousness to be conscious of itself. It is purely a process of learning to be a dispassionate observer - a pure witnessing consciousness.

(18/12/2014) Run an awareness continuum. Lay down or sit with closed eyes. Bring your awareness to your head, neck and shoulders and notice if there is any pain, discomfort or tension. If there is then don't try and change it just allow it to be. Progressively move your awareness down through the body, down the arms, down the back of the body and the front of the body, and inside the body - all the way from the head down to the toes - and then back up to the head once again, taking all the time that you need. You might be surprised. Such a simple procedure yet it can be so beneficial. Try it and let me know how you go.

(19/12/2014) Buddha says be mindful amongst the mindless. Awake amongst the sleeping people while they continue to dream. (Osho) Remember that you are not the mind, not the emotions, not the body - you are a pure witnessing consciousness. One masters the mind not by fighting with it but by watching it - then it loses its energy and becomes silent. Thoughts are just thoughts - they either serve you or they don't. You are at choice whether to give the thought energy and act upon it or just allow it to disappear into silence.

(20/12/2014) Looking for an easy stress management technique? Laughter is probably the only activity in which we are able to get totally involved and freely express ourselves without any inhibition. Procedure: sit, stand or lie down with closed eyes. To begin just laugh and when you stop, just start laughing again. It may help to think of humorous situations, to think of jokes, to pull funny faces, and even to think of how silly it is to do a laughter meditation. Let your body move and express itself with the laughter. If tears come then allow yourself to cry for a few minutes before bringing yourself back to the laughter. In the second stage you just sit silently with closed eyes.

(29/01/2015) Talent + Passion + Purpose. Your talent is your personality type. Your talent is your genius. Your passion is what excites you. Your purpose is what drives and motivates you to action. For example, my talent is creativity; my passion is film making and my purpose is to help wake people up. So today, the invitation is for you to make a decision to do something that turns you on, that energises you in such a way that at the end of the day you say, "This has been the best day of my life, ever!"


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