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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

Business promo videos - Gold Coast Australia- explainer videos - are one of the best ways to build audience engagement. Utilise Abby Eagle green screen studio in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast.


Choose a Video Package

The cost of promotional video production can vary depending upon the different elements and the complexity of the video.


Sample Videos

1. I asked an alcoholic why he drank.

2. Why What Do? Aldwyn Altuney

3. NLP for truth seekers.

4. How to quit smoking cigarettes.

5. KevyK singing Blue Blue Moon and having fun with accents.

Video Package

Video packages are produced to the standard of the sample videos above and costed per minute of video length.

Length in Minutes - Cost
1 min - $699.00
2 min - $750.00
3 min - $800.00
4 min - $850.00
5 min - $900.00
6 min - $950.00
7 min - $1,000.00
8 min - $1,050.00
9 min - $1,100.00
10 min - $1,150.00
11 min - $1,200.00
12 min - $1,250.00
13 min - $1,300.00
14 min - $1,350.00
15 min - $1,400.00
16 min - $1,450.00
17 min - $1,500.00
18 min - $1,550.00
19 min - $1,600.00
20 min - $1,650.00

What you Get

- Video shot with one camera in front of a green screen.
- Use of teleprompter with foot pedal.
- A plain background.
- A simple title page.
- Credits page.
- Text on screen to support the message.
- Use of your logo and slogans.
- Thumbnail image.
- Video uploaded to Abby Eagle Studios or to Drop-Box.

Video Quality

The videos are edited on a PC in Adobe Production Studio CS6. The aim is always to match the industry standard for a quality broadcast. The video is exported as a high definition (HD) 1920x1080 MP4. Once the file is uploaded to a Youtube channel then you can share it on Facebook, Linkedin, etc and embed it in your website. It is best not to upload the video directly to Facebook. Once the video is on Youtube then you can watch it on a television.

Additional Services

- Background image or video of your choice.
- 2 cameras.
- Music.
- Graphics.
(Price on application - $70.00/hr plus appropriate charges)

Help with Script Preparation: $100.00/hr.

Youtube Channel Setup: $200.00

Corporate Head Shots: High resolution $100.00

Pull shots from the video: $70.00/hr.

Hire the Studio Space
If all you need is studio space then bring yourself and/or your guest to the studio. You may bring your own camera or I can film and give you the files on a SD card. An option is to upload the files to Dropbox.
- Studio hire: $150.00 / hour for the first 2 hours. $100.00 / hour thereafter.
- Editing: $70.00 / hour.
- Cost of SD cards.


Where is the Studio?

The studio is at 3/22 Tourangeau Crescent, Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast of Australia. Feel free to shoot me an email and come down and check it out. Bring a script if you like and get some practice using a teleprompter. No charge for that. And we can also discuss background options, graphics, etc.






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