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Head shots for social media - Facebook, Linkedin etc - Varsity Lakes Studio- Gold Coast Australia. Green Screen film studio for hire in Varsity Lakes Gold Coast.


Free Head Shots

If you want a head shot photograph that you can use on your website and on your social media profiles like Facebook and Linked then give me a call. I will take your photograph against a green screen so that you can change the background to suit the purpose of the image.


How it Works?

1. Come over to my studio in Varsity Lakes. I will help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera and show you how to be your natural self and access the best state of mind so that we get some good shots.

2. We then sit in front of the computer and take a look at your pictures and have a discussion about what makes a good portrait. Then we go back into the studio and take some more photographs of you. We then review the images and you select the images that you want deleted and the images that you want to keep.

3. At that point you are free to leave or if you like you can sit with me while I edit the pictures. All being well we should have completed the photoshoot in just under an hour (the editing takes longer) but what I want you to understand is that to get a good photograph we may have to spend a little longer. So it is important that you give your self plenty of time to relax.


What is the Deal?

1. I take your portrait photographs in my studio and you select the best images.

2. I email you thumbnails (300px wide) of the best images for you to look at.

3. You get one FREE image 600px wide (72dpi) with a transparent background that you can use on your website and social media. Additional images are priced as follows:


Image Prices

1. 300px wide 72dpi thumbnail image - Free.

2. 600px wide 72dpi (2 inches wide at 300dpi) $50.00

3. 1500px wide image 72dpi (5 inches wide at 300dpi) $100.00. High resolution (300dpi) images can be used on business cards and flyers.

4. Approx 3000-3400px wide - $250.00. You can use this image on posters.


Image Sizes

The small images below are 300px wide. The other images are 600px wide.



You may want a background - just a plain colour and/or you can insert any suitable background behind the image. This may be a stock image that we purchase from an image bank on the Internet.

Or it could be that I go and photograph the background. For example, you may want a shot of Surfers Paradise in the background. So the most cost effective way may be to visit the location and take the photograph.


Having a transparent background gives you the flexibility to use the image on different projects.


xxxxx xxxx

The background colour changes the way that you view the subject.









Be Adventurous

In addition to having a great head shot that you can use for your social media pages and on your business cards and flyers - you may also like to entertain the idea of exploring the creative and theatrical side of your personality. For example, think of your favourite Hollywood films. If you could step into the shoes of any character that you have seen - what would that look like? For example, here are two images that I did in my studio.

The Action Hero image




Give me a Call or send me an Email

You can phone me on 07 5562 5718 or email me from the form in the top right of this webpage. I look forwards to working with you.






Send a message and we'll get back to you asap.


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