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Author videos - book promotion - book trailers - corporate video - business promo video - youtube channels - corporate head shots - Varsity Lakes - Gold Coast Australia. Green Screen film studio for hire in Varsity Lakes Gold Coast.

Promote your Book on Social Media with an Author Video

If you want your book to be read then you also need to be seen. To that end video is a cost effective marketing tool - and this is where I come in. I suggest you start with a book trailer; then follow this with you narrating excerpts from your book; perhaps an interview, and last but not least an author biography.


Introductory Offer - Free Portrait Photograph (Value $100.00)

* Offer valid until 31st July 2018

Come over to my studio in Varsity Lakes for an hour. Bring a change of clothes if you like. I will take 20-30 photographs of you against a green screen. Then we can review the images and select the best 10. Then I will cut the background away from the best image and place it onto a neutral background for you.

Green Screen Filming

Shooting against a green screen means that you can remove the green background and replace it with the background of choice - which means you can reuse the image for different purposes. But you have to remember not to wear any shades of green as that will disappear from the final image.


Okay - now the nitty-gritty.

The Book Trailer Video

Book trailers can be expensive to produce but if you are organised then we can keep the costs down. Start by drafting out a story board - that is, a sequence of images and short video segments that inspire and motivate the viewer to read your book. Then write a script which will either be used as a voice-over or text that is printed on the screen to compliment the images.

Cost: $50.00 per hour.


The Excerpts From Your Book Video

Look for two or three key parts of your book that have power and impact. Present that content using click-bait type headings to grab the viewers attention. The excerpt could be as little as 150 words or as long as 2 pages.

Cost: $50.00 per hour.


The Author Discussion Video

In the author discussion video you have the opportunity to talk about your book in much the same way that you would if on stage with a talk show host, in front of an audience. This can be done with just yourself on camera or with an interviewer. It helps to write a list of questions that will prompt you to deliver your best content.

Cost: $50.00 per hour.


The Author Biographical Story Video

Author biographies are also a useful way to educate and inform your audience about who you are; your personal history and what inspired you to write the book.

Cost: $50.00 per hour.


Be Cost Effective

When you come over to be filmed - to make our use of time cost effective we can multitask. So for example we could film: 1. A 30-60 second elevator pitch. 2. A script for a video trailer. 4. An excerpt from your book. 4. An author biography, etc.

Cost: $100.00 per hour.



Thumbnail images from the videos for Facebook and Social Media. The first thumbnail image is free. The rest are $25.00 each.


Script and Teleprompter

You have the choice to memorise a script; use a card with headings to prompt yourself, or write a script and insert it into a teleprompter. They all have advantages and disadvantages.

If you decide to write a script then it should cover what you want to say as succinctly as possible. You have the choice to read the script from a teleprompter or to memorise the script and ad-lib. Using a foot pedal with a teleprompter also allows you to pause, take a breath and ad lib. This makes the presentation both professional and natural. A well delivered script can also save a lot of time in filming and in video editing.

You are an author so I don't need to tell you how to write. Just keep in mind that your script will need an introduction, a body and a conclusion – which also includes a call to action. I believe that it is best to personalise your script to the topic at hand but also structure it using the following questions as a guide: Why? What? How? What If? The 'why' is the reason why you wrote the book - this acts to inspire and motivate the listener to stay with you. The 'what' is the content - the details. The 'how' is how you do what you do. And the 'what-if' is entertaining whatever proposition you would like the listener to consider.


Length of video.

Your videos can be anywhere from 45 seconds to 30 minutes, or even longer. Two to eight minutes is optimal. (An A4 page in 12pt Times New Roman is about 4 minutes long.) In some cases the short videos are best cut as an excerpt from a longer video. It all depends upon the purpose for making the video.


Want to know more? When you come over for your Free Portrait we can discuss your options.

Come over to my studio in Varsity Lakes for an hour. Bring a change of clothes if you like. I will take 20-30 photographs of you against a green screen. Then we can review the images and select the best 10. Then I will cut the background away from the best image and place it onto a neutral background for you. Contact me using the contact form on this website. My phone number is on the banner image at the top of the page. And I look forwards to working with you.






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