Tantra meditation originated from Zen. Learn how to transform sexual energy into ecstasy but without actually having sex. How to use sex to explore consciousness and deepen meditation?
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You have landed on this page because you want to learn how to make love making a more meditative experience...


How to use sex to explore consciousness and deepen meditation?


sex can become a meditation
Bring more love and ecstasy into your relationships

When you see an attractive man or woman they are in fact a mirror for your inner man or woman. The more attractive they are the more they accurately mirror your inner man or woman. The desire then acts to bring us physically close to the other and the sexual act begins however sometimes the orgasm is a non event and other times it is intensely blissful, why? Because sex is more than just pleasure derived from physical stimulation. I have heard Osho say that most people's experience of sexual orgasm is really just confined to a physical genital experience. But there is another dimension to sexual orgasm and that is the domain of meditation.

You see the desire for the other and the physical experience of sex is really just a way for a circuit in the brain to be completed. When the circuit is completed we have an orgasm. The more perfectly the circuit is completed then the more intense the orgasm. Meditation is a way for us to complete that circuit in the most perfect way without actually having sex. In this way we are able to transform the desire into something spiritual and we become free of the prison of desire. In this way one can then enter into relationships and sex without the usual inhibitions and desired outcomes that one may have, and sex can then become truly orgasmic both in a physical and spiritual sense.

Osho tells us that meditation probably originated from someone's fascination about what happens during the peak of orgasm and during deep sleep. During deep sleep the mind is non existent which is corroborated by brain wave research.

Likewise when we become totally involved in a sexual experience then the mind is forced to retreat into the background. At the peak of orgasm for a few moments the mind disappears and we enter into silence, and it is out of this silence that the ecstasy originates. You see the ecstasy of sex is not so much about the physical pleasure but about being so total in a physical act that we enter a no-mind state. In this no-mind state we discover that there is bliss and ecstasy.

If you can become total in any physical activity, say for example surfing, dancing, sky diving, running even singing, chanting or prayer then you can enter that same inner silence and experience the same state of ecstasy. Most of us make the error in thinking however that it is the activity that creates the feeling rather than in understanding that it is the result of becoming so totally involved in a non mind activity that we move beyond the mind into the silent core of our being where the bliss and ecstasy is constantly showering.

Because most meditators ability to witness is not strong enough, Tantra meditation does not have to involve physical sex . Hence one should spend as much time as possible in building a strong witness through sitting meditations so that when one does sit opposite a partner with whom there is sexual attraction then they are able to bring their total awareness to the witnessing of their sexual desires. In Tantra meditation one basically sits opposite one's friend or lover, clothed or unclothed, eyes open, half closed or closed and brings the awareness to the sensations of desire in the body. It is not important that you or your partner be clothed just that you are dressed in a way that generates desire in yourself and the other. Lovers, ideally should agree upon a fixed time period to sit in meditation before engaging in actual sex. In this way one learns to accept, for a few minutes at least, that the outcome of sex is not possible, which has the effect hopefully of bringing you away from the future and more back into the present.

With regular practise of Tantra meditation one learns to distinguish the difference between physical pleasure and the ecstasy that comes from dissolving into the depths of silence found at the core of your being. Eventually, during meditation with no actual physical contact, one may sometimes have an intense full body cosmic orgasm. The experience may be felt as if God is making love to you. This is not a mind phenomena but an actual intense physical experience experienced while sitting absolutely still, with sexual breathing but without ejaculation and often without an erection. Both males and females should be able to experience these cosmic orgasms. I have found Deeksha to be extremely useful in speeding up the process.

I spent 20 years listening to Osho talk about meditation and I had some amazing experiences but it was only around 2003 when I consciously began to use my NLP modeling skills was I able to construct meditation techniques that deepened my meditation significantly. For about a year I was on the verge of ecstasy in my meditations and then after having a number of Deekshas my meditations rapidly deepened to such a level that I began to have what I call full-body cosmic orgasms.

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