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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

You have landed on this page because you want to learn Tai Chi, Bagua and Dim Mak on the Gold Coast...



Tai Chi, Bagua and Dim Mak classes Gold Coast

Learn to meditate before you enroll in a Tai Chi class and take yourself to a higher level.

My name is Abby and I have studied Tai Chi with the Erle Montaigue School of Tai Chi from February 1998 - 2004. I trained with Wally Simpson and Paul Morrison in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast of Queensland. Wally is considered one of Erle's top trainers and I believe Paul to be at an advanced level.


THE BEGINNERS DILEMMA: How to choose a Tai Chi training school?

Over the years I have observed many students come and go from Wally's Tai Chi class. Most come with the 21st century fast food attitude. They want to become a Master of Tai Chi in a few lessons but once they realise it will take years of training they give up. However those who persevere are rewarded by learning Tai Chi at the highest level.



If you attend one of Wally's Tai Chi classes on the Gold Coast you will find that we train outside under a shelter at the local primary school. There are no bright lights or mirrored walls. The light is low, there is nothing much to distract the mind, you breath fresh air, you feel the wind on your skin, there are stars, a moon, grass and trees, sometimes the occasional dog or a curious onlooker, and when it rains you find your meditation enhanced. The experience of Tai Chi with Wally is of a Meditator in the market place.

Because everyone is at different stages of mental, physical and spiritual development each student receives personal tuition. If you attend Wally's class you will be given some instruction by Wally or one of his assistant trainers and then left to yourself to practice for a while before receiving more instruction and so on. When your Tai Chi repertoire is large enough you will be invited to join in group activities. If you wish to master Tai Chi then you will need to practise your Tai Chi on a daily basis.


You have the choice of learning a variety of Tai Chi and Bagwa forms.

We do not teach the much touted short Beijing 24 or 48 styles of Tai Chi which have been designed to entertain the student with a short attention span, and which provide limited health benefits and martial ability.



There are Tai Chi schools which cater for the fast food, 3 minute attention span student. They provide highly structured classes where the students line up in rows, perhaps in a room with mirrored walls, and where all the students are expected to follow the instructors moves. Of course, since everyone learns Tai Chi at a different rate then it is not long before some students are left behind. Knowing this, the school has to keep the moves very simple and stage their classes at various levels of ability. The downside is that it is not possible to learn Tai Chi at an advanced level with this type of training.

The feedback I have heard about these types of schools and academies, is that they teach you simple external movements, which may look impressive to an observer and even feel nice to the practitioner, but these external moves do not give you the full health benefits and will never take you to the level of Tai Chi Master. What needs to be understood is that Tai Chi is an internal martial art which require a meditative approach.

Beijing 24 type Tai Chi schools cater to the student who needs constant stimulation. Their structured group type classes provide this attention but they do a disservice to the student inasmuch as they do not give the student an opportunity to turn their Tai Chi into a deeply meditative practice.

If your Tai Chi is not yet a Meditation then you are invited to enroll in a Zen Meditation class with Abby Eagle



Tai Chi , Bagua and Dim Mak - Classes and Personal Training
Tai Chi classes are held under the shelters at the Burleigh Primary School Monday and Wednesday evening from 6:15pm - 8:00pm, and on the last Sunday of the month on the Burleigh foreshore from 9:00am - 11:00am with chief instructor Wally Simpson.

Burleigh Heads Tai Chi classes with Wally Simpson (07) 5598 6204.

Miami Tai Chi classes with Nick Blewett at The Centre of Natural Medicine 2184 Gold Coast Hwy Miami, QLD, 4220 07 5575 5300

Paul Morrison Tai Chi classes Tasmania.

DVD's and books from Erle Montaigue's Tai Ji world.

For information about Gold Coast meditation classes send us an email.





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