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Corporate Meditation Programs and Meditation Teacher Training - Gold Coast Australia


Learn how to get into the drivers seat of your mind.

Combine NLP with hypnosis and meditation to relax both mind and body in a fraction of the time that it takes with traditional procedures. In Inner Discovery you will learn the actual structure of meditation. No religious fluff, no dogma, no doctrines and no difficult postures. The style of meditation developed by Abby Eagle has arisen from a sythesis of NLP, hypnotism and contemporary Osho Zen Meditation. It requires no beliefs or religious practice. It is just about learning how to get into the drivers seat of your brain.


About stress management.

The mind is like a television set that is switched on 24 hours a day. At least with a television set you can change the channel, turn down the volume or switch it off but for many people the mind never stops harassing them with stressful thoughts. And that is why you will hear people say on Friday afternoon, “Let’s get out of it tonight. Let’s get smashed. Let’s get wiped out.”
What they are indicating is that the mind causes them so much pain and suffering that they need to resort to drugs and alcohol to get some respite. In fact, I have noted that people smoke cigarettes and marijuana, drink alcohol, take prescription drugs, eat chocolate, constantly snack or over eat because they are trying to suppress negative emotions such as stress, loneliness and boredom, and as a means to bring in a positive state such as confidence and
relaxation, or as a way to give themselves something like love and nurturance.


The solution to manage stress and how to relax.

The solution is to learn how to become the master of the mind rather than be its slave. We do this by systematically exploring the structure and mechanisms of the mind. We work with processes of the mind rather than content. That is, it is not so important what stresses someone as to how they can better respond to the stimulus. In this way we place the emphasis on changing ourselves before changing others. Inner Discovery is delivered as a series of short sessions. In these sessions the participants learn simple yet powerful tools and techniques to better master their mental and emotional state.


What you will learn at Inner Discovery stress management class.

  • How to activate both sides of the brain and improve your ability to deal with more sensory information. How to balance mind and heart.
  • How to slow the internal dialogue, soften the tonality and turn the volume all the way down, and enter into a space of silence.
  • How to coach yourself into a state of deep relaxation, deep trance and deep meditation.
  • Simple yet effective procedures to clear the mind and tap into the authentic source of confidence, love and happiness that is within you.
  • How to release negative emotions and access a resource state.
  • How to manage stress and learn how to relax.
  • Less critical thinking, learn how to be present.
  • What is the reason for the self talk? Is it appropriate, useful in this context? Is it a good use of your time and energy? Does it help you to achieve what is really important to you?

In addition you will learn:

1. How to get time out from your mind. So when at work be at work, when at home be at home, when eating just eat, when walking just walk, learn to be totally present with yourself and with another person, and in doing so discover the power within.

Most importantly this class is content free. No need to discuss any issues or say what is on your mind. Just learn how to get into the drivers seat of your mind and move from negative unproductive thinking to positive thinking that is conducive towards you achieving your most cherished desired outcomes.


Typical results from Inner Discover stress management class.

  • A reduction in perceived stress.
  • Less anxiety and tension - more relaxation.
  • A greater sense of well being and happiness.
  • An increased ability to focus and concentrate.
  • An increase in creativity.
  • Increased productivity and performance.
  • More harmonious personal relationships.
  • Decreased cigarette, marijuana and alcohol use.
  • Less comfort eating.


Benefits to you and an organisation.

This translates at the bottom line for the organisation into:

  • Increased job satisfaction.
  • Less absenteeism.
  • A safer work environment.
  • Greater staff retention rates.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Greater profitability.


Are you interested in state of-the-art stress management? Is this something that you would like?

Read what participants have to say about Inner Discovery.

"I have had a pain in my shoulder for ten years and during the last deep meditation the pain went away. The meditation instructions are excellent. Now I feel so relaxed and calm." Gail Saxby Accounts Assistant at BCS, Elanora Gold Coast Australia.


"That was great. That was insane. I haven't been that high since drugs!" Anonymous.


"Meditation has helped my business because I seem to get more done with less effort. Combined with the NLP I seem to have more energy and need less sleep. Since enrolling in Abby's 7 week meditation course I have found my perfect partner in every way. This meditation course has helped me to live my life again and made me understand how powerful meditation is. I feel so alive, meditating with intention is great. "Enzo Massignani, Oxenford, Gold Coast Qld Australia 28/08/06


"Meditation has helped my business and income as all these areas are enhanced by a deeper understanding of self and other. I think a lot of people I know would benefit from doing this course. "Jenny Flatow, Conondale, Gold Coast Qld Australia 28/08/06


"I think Abby has done a wonderful job of combining NLP with meditation to create easy to grasp powerful mind tools and techniques that enable people to have tools for change - and to create more peace, more love, energy and strength in their lives. " Amber Goodwin, Ballina NSW Australia


"Abby's 7 week meditation course was really different to any other meditation courses that I had done in the past. The course was very structured, the material was informative and interesting, and Abby was supportive and answered my questions with a clarity that made me feel good about myself. Everything that we did had variety, reason and logic to it, so it was very easy to follow and participate in the exercises." Grace Hawkins, Naturopath, Currumbin, Gold Coast Qld, Australia 2006.


"Abby's meditation course is exceptional and great for stress release. I found the course to be very informative and inspiring. Abby has a relaxed and respectful manner which makes the course extremely pleasant to be apart of. He answered the many questions we had to a high level. I recommend this course to others." Karen Collins, Currumbin Waters, Gold Coast Qld, Australia 2006.


"Abby's meditation has given me more confidence in myself to achieve what I want from life. I feel more inner health and unblocked of emotional issues than before I started the course. I am less judgmental of other people and more open to fulfilling discussions and relationships with my children and spouse. I felt uplifted during the course. It was like a heavy burden being lifted. I would not hesitate to recommend Abby to anyone wanting to find inner balance and harmony." Debbie Frazer, Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast Qld, Australia 2006.


"I enrolled in the meditation course to find some inner peace. I have been able to change bad feelings into good feelings with the sitting and vastness meditations. At work I have a higher threshold of pain. My energy levels are up. I have a better understanding of others feelings and views, and I am more confident with some people. It is a very good course" Chris Mason, Tugun, Gold Coast Qld, Australia 2006.


"Abby knows his stuff and passed it onto us well. After the course I noticed a new awareness and appreciation of living in the moment, and a new confidence that there are ways in which to cope with life's difficult challenges. I now have new ways to deal with anger issues and feel I am able to let go of anger more quickly when it arises." John Piekarski, Gardener, Miami, Gold Coast Qld Australia. 18/12/2006 Read more what others say.


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