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nlp and hypnotherapy for post traumatic stress disorder PTSD PTSD
stop problem drinking with hypnotherapy Problem drinking
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stop smoking gold coast Stress management
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wealth dynamics personality profile Wealth Dynamics
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Migraine Headache Medicine - Migraine is a result of biochemical changes in the brain. For proven, non-invasive migraine headache treatment visit Migraine Elimination Centers. (10/07/2010 y)

Stress Management: Sandee Sgarlata is a Certified Life Empowerment Coach and Energy Healing Reiki Master with over 20 years of experience to help people with their complete mind, body, spirit makeover. Specializes in stress management anxiety reduction, reiki attunements, natural healing, and self esteem building. (6/09/2010 y)

Therapy in Chicago: Partners in Psychology is a clinical psychology group practice that provides expert individual and couples therapy in Chicago and Northbrook, Illinois. (6/12/2012 y)

Free distance therapy My name is Linda Evans. I am an energetic therapist and I developed a therapy based on my psychic abilities: ‘LTA Personal Development’. I am looking for candidates for free distance treatment in exchange for the presentation of the treatment on my website. I believe that behaviour, talents, circumstances are determined by the subconscious mind that is to be found around man in the form of a subtle matter (negative) and energies (positive). This is not the aura. Sickness and health are largely determined by the subconscious mind. The cause of numerous physical and all psychological problems lies in the subconscious mind, more specifically in the ‘blockages’, or ‘patterns’ present in the subconscious mind. I can aim my own psychic energies towards these blockages as a result of which they gradually break down. Consequently the symptoms they bring about, will disappear. This is what actually happens in LTA therapy. (21/01/2013 y)

Alcoholic Therapy An online therapy and counselling service for people with alcohol problems. Skype video appointments available with professional therapists at affordable prices. (14/05/2013 y)

Overwhelming stress will place obstacles in your life that can stop you from moving forward. To learn multiple ways to reduce and eliminate your daily stressors take some time to visit and explore how to add even more balance and control into your life. (14/05/2013 y)



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