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Osho zen meditation

Discourses by Osho are available in book and MP3 form.

The following notes were taken from the series of discourses:


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Volume 2 #1: Neither attachment nor detachment, just simple understanding.

Volume 2 #2. Osho describes what it is like for him to use his mind as a mechanism. Intellect as a servant of consciousness. Intellect and intelligence. Intelligence is a function of both intuition and intellect. The centre of your being is intuition.

Volume 2 #4: Explanation of why Osho tells jokes. Silence and meditation.

Volume 2 #3: On being yourself. On not copying spiritual masters. It is ungrateful towards God to try and be like someone else. Adam and Eve and paradise lost. Meditation is the way back home. It is not a search for something. Innocence and ignorance.

#18: The Christian who became a Hindu and then who took sannyas.

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