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Osho zen meditation

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The following notes were taken from the series of discourses:


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#2: What is God? Bhagwan Sex Guru: Criticism of Osho by a Dutch Christian television station.

# 4: The West has developed psychoanalysis and dream interpretation. The East has studied consciousness.. At the time of Buddha (500BC) people had a natural attitude towards their bodies and sex. Two hundred years later the ideology of Mohamed, and 500 years later the ideology of Christianity infiltrated the minds of the Hindus. Christians are the most repressed hence the longer length of time that they dream. Asian aboriginals don't dream at all. Vipassana was designed by Buddha for those people who were less repressed than 21st century people. Active and cathartic meditations are essential for modern people.
Surrender, belief, heart and head. Belief means there is little argument to make you doubt but belief is only required if you have doubt, otherwise there is knowing. Belief is superficial.

# 8: Parenthood and childhood. Childhood is temporary while parenthood is permanent though it should not be. Parents are generally disappointed with their children.
On the inner woman. Suppression of the feminine. Division between the sexes. Women start with love and end with meditation while men start with meditation and end with love.

# 8: On scholars and their differences in understandings of existence, religion and philosophy from that of enlightened masters.

# 10: Excellent. Philosia means love of seeing. Darshan does not translate as philosophy but as Philosia. On Zen. The ego. The story of Iku burning the statue of Buddha.

# 12: Excellent. The knower and the known. The miracle of meditation. The ugly is the first to surface but then the deeper you go you always find beauty. Removing our masks is a painful process. Religion cripples you and then provides crutches. Conscience implanted by religion as a strategy to dominate and control the individual. Why is Osho different to other mystics?

#13: Good discourse. Upanishads. Absolute and relative. Life affirmative religion. Asceticism. The golden light. Meditation and prayer.

# 14: Excellent. Origin of the word Zen. The different meaning of 'This is it'. Ryokan Chinese Zen master who referred to himself as an idiot. He used absurd methods to help his disciples attain to enlightenment. On fasting and sex. On celibacy. The basic purpose of the headstand yoga posture is to force the sex energy to the head. How spiritual practices sometimes interfere with the natural functioning of the chakras. How to channel sexual energy in a non sexual way through creative pursuits.

#16: How Osho chooses a sannyas name. How religion denies pleasure in this life but promises it in the next. A strategy by the priests to imprison and control humanity, because they hold the key to the future. Repression brings indulgence. Saints as male chauvinists. Saints scared of women hence sexual repression and exploitation.

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