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The following notes were taken from the series of discourses:


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#2: Celebration of life and death. Life is a synonym for God. Sex and death. In sexual orgasm the body is left behind for a moment but in death the body is left totally. Birth and death as small episodes in the eternity of life. Differences between the intelligence of man and woman.

#4: What is Sannyas?
Christianity is the misinterpretation of Jesus.
Science tries to fulfil your desires while religion tries to wake you up and take you beyond the desires. In the absence of desire there is contentment and fulfilment.

#10: Intelligence and diet. Nobel prize winners are invariably meat eaters. Even though Buddha and Mahavira were vegetarians they both came from the meat eating warrior caste.
Chunk up on enlightened master to the level of flowering of consciousness to gain agreement. Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira, etc are all examples of flowering of consciousness. Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism are examples of religions. So even though Jews and Mohammedans differ in their practices and beliefs they both share an interest in the flowering of consciousness and have no real need to fight. There is beauty in the diversity of religion.

# 12: The lies of socialisation, education, conditioning, politicians, Hitler, truth.

#14: Materialism is the foundation for spirituality. The body is the visible part of the soul. God as creativity. Jews rejecting Jesus. Hindus rejecting Buddha. The business of the priesthood is of selling invisible commodities. Pragmatism of the enlightened master. Hindu violence. Moses in the Sinai. Prophets. Silent mystery schools nurture the essence of religion: Hasidism of Judaism. Sufism of Mohammedism. Zen of Buddhism.

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