How to change your beliefs and increase your income with NLP. Change self concept with NLP - raise self esteem with NLP - business success with NLP - NLP and hypnotherapy.
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How to change your self concept and make more money with NLP Coaching...


How to get out of your own way and increase your income with NLP Coaching.


Raise the ceiling on what you are worth by managing the way you feel!

A robust self concept and the ability to manage emotional states are the hallmark of high achievers. Is something preventing you from achieving more? Managing emotional states may be the key to your success.

Have emotions/feelings such as fear, stress, anger, hurt, greed etc. ever caused you to make a rash decision, caused a loss of income, affected your health or harmed your life or your business in any way?

Harvard Business Review did a study in the 1980's which showed that semantic responses, that is emotional reactions and hidden agendas, cost American companies seventy billion dollars a year in lost business. And that was just in the boardroom!


How to achieve success at the highest level

Managing negative emotions/feelings means an individual can achieve success at a higher level and an organisation can perform closer to peak efficiency. The bottom line is increased job satisfaction and bigger profits.


Read what others say

"I now have the ability to choose my emotions and can even take a positive feeling and move it into other situations where I want to feel that way." Leigh King Naturopath Beerway Qld

"I cleared out a negative emotion and found it replaced by a feeling of confidence which permeated my entire body." Lorraine Atkinson Banora Pt NSW

"Abby gives an excellent service - to the point, gets the job done, concise and thorough. You get immediate change and most importantly he makes healing fun." Reta Learmond Bussleton WA

"Since the workshop I have hardly touched a drop of alcohol and I've had no urge to smoke. I've also lost 5kg in weight and 3 weeks ago I joined a gym." Jill Stonnel MacGregor Qld


Fear, greed and anger are three prime emotions

Has fear, nervousness, procrastination or panic ever caused you stress or prevented you from making a phone call, speaking to a group of people, flying in an aeroplane, doing your job or just having fun?

Greed is an insidious emotion that most of us will deny experiencing yet it is a major cause of bad decisions. Have you ever lost anything because of greed?

Have you ever got angry at another person or yourself? Has anger cost you anything at home or at work?

What is it worth to better manage your emotions in respect of your career, business, health and personal relationships? What have negative emotions cost you already in dollar terms? What would you be willing to pay a Consultant to train you and your staff to achieve a higher level of success?


What prevents you from achieving at a higher level?

Is it about:

  • Confidence in public speaking?
  • Anxiety, panic or a phobia?
  • Feelings of fear, greed, anger, depression, sadness, guilt, frustration, jealousy, hurt, resentment, stress or other?
  • The ability to influence others towards agreement.
  • Your self concept of what you are worth financially?
  • Burn out?
  • Slumps in performance?
  • Substance abuse?
  • Your value system?
  • Self sabotage?
  • Working outside of your personality type?



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