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How to NLP Coach yourself, save money and get results


How to coach yourself to success using NLP and Neuro Semantics.


(Abby Eagle) In the video I show you how to NLP Coach yourself using a Zoom H4N handy audio recorder. Speaking into the recorder and then playing it back gives you a means to listen to yourself and reflect back upon who you are - in much the same way that a NLP Meta-Coach or Hypnotherapist does.

Every NLP/NS Coaching session should start with the Present State - Desired Outcome Model. The NLP well-formed outcome questions act as a guide to map you from the present state to your desired outcome. On the video you can see a demonstration of how to do it.

In a one-on-one coaching session there is you and the coach. The coach asks you questions and you respond. The coach acts as a mirror and reflects back to you who you are. So you get to experience ourself through the coaches eyes and ears. In self coaching you can use an audio recorder or video camera to replace the coach.

Each and everyone of us already talks to ourself on the inside of our mind. We make pictures and we create feelings. Some of us may be quite good at dreaming up a goal and putting it into practice while others get stuck at some point – which is where we may turn to a friend or book a session with a coach.

Some people are natural coaches in that they listen to what you say, they acknowledge you, they validate you, and they help you to feel good about yourself and get on the right path. With self coaching we learn how to play the role of friend and coach to ourself. If you already coach yourself then feel free to share your method below.

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