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The following video articles are provided to give you some knowledge, tools and techniques to help you bring about positive change within yourself and within society. My suggestion is to watch a video, keep it in mind for a number of days and apply it to your life as soon as you can. Then come back to the site and watch the next video, and so on.

1. How to coach yourself with NLP?

Learn how to coach yourself using a Zoom H4N recorder and the NLP well-formed outcome questions. Read more.

2. What is the answer to the ultimate question?

What is IT? Read more.

3. How to change your frame of mind?

Learn how to build a positive frame of mind and look at the world through the eyes of playfulness. Read more.

4. What is food?

Is food fuel for the body or do you use it as a reward and as a means to socialise? Read more.

5. How to set a stretch goal.

Learn how to set goals not from past experience but from what your future self tells you is possible. Watch on youtube.

6. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Why did traditional groups go to such great efforts to feed their children the right food? Watch on youtube.

7. How to elict values.

How to elicit values and begin the process of mapping meaning. Watch on youtube..

8. Tara Hopkins with Abby Eagle

Eliciting values and mapping meaning. Watch on youtube.

9. No more problem drinking.

Luka tells how he kicked an alcohol problem using NLP and Hypnotherapy in two 2 hour sessions. Watch on youtube.

10. Bulimia and binge eating.

Here how Henrietta dealt with bulimia and binge eating using NLP and Hypnotherapy. Watch on youtube.

11. How to use a hypnosis pendulum

How to elicit ideomotor signals and use a hypnosis pendulum. Watch on youtube.

12. Weight loss tip 1.

How to build a positive frame of mind. The P/S to D/O model. How to think your way to thin. Read more.

13. Weight loss tip 2.

The best weight loss tip ever. Food or not food. That is the question. Watch on youtube.

14. Weight loss tip 3.

How to build an attitude for success. Build an attitude that convinces you to eat the right foods. Watch on youtube.

15. Weight loss tip 4.

How to deal with food cravings. Some food cravings are a result of nutrient depletion - and you are hungry for nutrients. Watch on youtube.

16. Weight loss tip 5.

Learn to trust your unconscious mind. Learn to communicate with your body in a way that supports you achieve your weight goals. Watch on youtube.

17. Weight loss tip 6.

Identify traditional groups that are well proportioned and healthy. Consider your genetics and culture. Copy a traditonal diet. Watch on youtube.

18. Weight loss tip 7.

Stop exercising. Exercise is hard work and it takes too much to sustain it. Instead learn to enjoy movement. Watch on youtube.

19. How to Build Confidence in Public Speaking

... Watch on youtube.

20. NLP and the Secret of High Achievers

... Watch on youtube.


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