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Media Training Skills Checklist

For the Media Training Events Hosted by Abby Eagle


- Sensory awareness. Look at the cornices. Move around.
- Robin Williams vs Eddie Izzard. Attention on self or other.
- Look at people. Dress, ethnicity, gender, physiology, voice quality, words.
- Personality type, values, meta programs, ideology.
- Stay open to information and ideas – be slow to draw conclusions.
- Anxiety indicates there is something that you need to take care of.

- Create a personal score to track areas that you need to work on.
- Set a stretch goal at each event.
- Identify role models.
- Separate process from content.
- Preserve learnings and future pace.

He who sets the frame controls the game. Set frames that work for you.
- What is your intention?
- What are your thoughts and feelings? Do these thoughts and feelings serve you?
- Why hold the conversation?
- How will you communicate with someone who is agreeable?
- How will you handle differences of opinion?
- How will you deal with aggression?
- What is more important truth or harmony?

- Research the topic.
- Anticipate arguments.
- Prepare responses.

- Sort for sameness.
- Acknowledgement.
- John made a good point and here is another way of looking at it.
- I hear what you are saying… followed by a statement that supports his argument.
- Meaningful gestures.

- Direct questions – yes and no response.
- Leading questions.
- Open ended questions.
- Meaning questions.
- Think in terms of usefulness.
- Make a statement followed by a question.
- Answer a question with a question.


- Mind Reads
- Lost Performative
- Cause and Effect
- Complex Equivalence
- Presuppositions
- Universal Quantifiers
- Modal Operators
- Nominalisations
- Unspecified Verbs
- Simple Deletions

- Thinking/Feeling
- Perceiving/Judging
- Global/Details
- Self/Other
- Match/Mismatch - Sameness/Difference
- Towards/Away-From
- Negative/Positive
- Reflection/Action
- Authority Sort - Internal/External
- Counting/Discounting
- Past/Present/Future

- If someone calls you a racist, for example – and you deny it then you have become prey. Instead be a predator and go on the attack.
- Better not to apologise than to apologise.
- Don’t allow the opponent to hold the high moral ground. Remember he who sets the frame controls the game.
- You don’t have to answer or say anything.

- Every decision we make is based upon a value.
- How to elicit values.
- Meta Stating.

Flow is an optimal state of consciousness in which you perform at your best. Intention – Attention – Task – Focus – Concentrate.
1. Struggle.
2. Relax and let go.
3. Flow.
4. Learning and consolidation.

1. Topic / Focus
2. Present State to Desired Outcome
3. Well Formed Outcome Questions
4. Meta Model
5. Model of the World
6. Meta Programs
7. NLP Time Sort
8. Context / Perspective
9. Perceptual Positions
10. History
11. Intention
12. Meta States
13. Reality / Evidence
14. Consequences
15. Benefits
16. Checks / Ecology
17. Metaphor / Analogy
18. Counter Example
19. Prophecy
20. Heaven and Hell
21. Invisible Commodities
22. Morality
23. The Unsaid. What else?
24. Step Back

Use sentence stems.
There are those who say that… they say that…
I don’t know who to believe… perhaps we all need to some more research?

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