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Meditation made easy with NLP and hypnosis written by an Osho Zen Sannyasin. Learn step by step how to relax the mind and maintain a silent witnessing consciousness. Corporate meditation.


Learn How to Meditate and Find Peace of Mind: using ancient philosophies and state-of-the-art tools and techniques from NLP and hypnotism.

Corporate meditation. Meditation for the business man and woman. Meditation for busy executives. How to meditate? - what is meditation? - the 'how to' of meditation - benefits fo meditation - meditation techniques - the art of meditation. - meditation made easy - guided meditation - mindfulness meditation - vipassana meditation - osho zen meditation - meditation for beginners - how to reach states of deep meditation - how to stop the mind - how to silence the mind - how to enter no mind states - how to explore consciousness - how to release a negative emotion - vastness meditation.

learn how to meditate and find peace of mind

An ebook plus 4 videos and 6 audio mp3 files

This package will give you a thorough grounding in how to meditate. You will learn how to witness; how to watch the breath; how to run an awareness continuum; and how to silence the internal dialogue and enter extended periods of no-mind states. You will also learn how to clear a negative emotion. These meditation techniques will help you quieten your left brain hemisphere and activate the right to experience deeper states of peace and calmness.

The information is carefully sequenced to make it easy for a beginner to grasp the concepts and also provides techniques to guide the experienced meditator in their exploration of consciousness.

You get a comprehensive ebook plus six audio mp3 files.


The How to Meditate eBook

This book lays out the fundamental principles of meditation. You will learn:

  1. What is meditation?
  2. Why meditate?
  3. Twelve good reasons to meditate.
  4. The health benefits of meditation.
  5. What is enlightenment?
  6. How to approach meditation.
  7. A thorough understanding of the basics of meditation practice.
  8. Most importantly you will gain a clear understanding of the terminology used by meditators but so often misunderstood. That is, the terms of witnessing, watching and perceptual positions.


The How to Meditate Videos

  1. How to sit in the correct posture. (5:31 minutes)
  2. Peripheral sensing. (13:51 minutes)
  3. Witnessing technique. (9:31 minutes)
  4. Awareness Continuum. (8:17 minutes)


The How to Meditate Audio mp3's

On this series of mp3's Abby Eagle will guide you through the process towards deep meditation.

You get six guided meditation audio mp3 files to listen to.

  1. Perceptual Positions. (5:37 minutes.)
  2. How to Witness. (6:22 minutes.)
  3. Watching. (13:32 minutes.)
  4. Awareness Continuum. ( 9:36 minutes.)
  5. Meditation Session. (15:53 minutes.)
  6. The Mustard Seed meditation. (13:05 minutes)


Specifically you will learn:

  1. How to meditate.
  2. How to witness the mind.
  3. What to witness.
  4. How to sit.
  5. How to watch the breath.
  6. How to watch the internal dialogue.
  7. How to watch the imagery of the mind.
  8. How to run an awareness continuum.
  9. How to quiten the mind.
  10. How to silence the mind and enter no-mind states.
  11. In the last mp3 all of the principles are brought together into one relaxing meditation session.

The book includes a section on the seven subtle bodies.

The seven subtle bodies give you a map to explore the territory of consciousness. Imagine that your consciousness is the world and that there are seven continents. Each of these continents has a major city. The continents are analogous to the subtle bodies as the major cities are to the chakras. Obviously you could divide the land masses into any number of continents and you could focus in on any number of cities. The delineations are just arbitrary boundaries to help you find your way around.

The section on the seven subtle bodies is based upon some of the early discourses of Osho.

You will learn some powerful meditation techniques, which draw upon the technology of NLP and hypnosis, to help you master your mind and become more conscious.


  • Preface
  • Introduction 1
  • Why meditate? 3
  • What does stress cost you? 5
  • Benefits of meditation 8
  • What is meditation? 18
  • Grasping the core principles of zen meditation 27
  • How to meditate 34
  • Meditation basics 47
  • Vipassana and Mindfulness Meditation 50
  • The Origin of Mind Meditation 52
  • Clear a negative emotion 53
  • Mustard Seed Meditation script 55
  • Expanded Peripheral Sensing Meditation 58
  • The galactic traveller Meditation 60
  • The Bliss Technique 65
  • Working with physical symptoms 69
  • Vastness Meditation introduction 72
  • Vastness Meditation applications 75
  • Vastness Meditation script 78
  • See Through This Technique 83
  • Notes for the See Through This Technique 87
  • Drop Through Technique 90
  • Dropping down to your centre 100
  • Full Moon Meditation 102
  • Gibberish Meditation 103
  • Laughter Meditation 105
  • Gibberish and Laughter 106
  • Osho Kundalini Meditation 107
  • Kindness and Compassion Meditation 109
  • Adoration and Love Meditation 112
  • The Hippocampal Meditation 114
  • The Sleep Meditation 117
  • Deep Sleep Meditation script 126
  • Universal love and healing energy 130
  • Chakra meditation 133
  • On no-mind states 137
  • Accessing a resource state 140
  • Shin Ti Do 143
  • On becoming more conscious of language 145
  • The seven subtle bodies and the evolution of consciousness 149
  • On energy in the seven bodies 159
  • The development of the seven subtle bodies 163
  • Subtle bodies meditation script 176
  • Appendix 180
  • Glossary 180
  • References 188
  • Bibliography 190
  • Acknowledgements 192
  • Image permissions 194
  • About the author 194

How to Meditate and Find Peace of Mind by Abby Eagle. Published 12/01/2015 57,000 words. 194 pages set in 12 pt Minion Pro.


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