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meditation gold coastHow to get initiated into Deeksha Giving? (2/12/2007) >

Over the last 3 years I have received Deeksha from as many ten Deeksha Givers in a week. The Deeksha technique is beautiful but I don't support Bhagavan and Amma. As I hear more about them and listen to them at Deeksha events the more I don't want to be associated with them. This is a little difficult for me to say as I love the group of Deeksha givers that I have come to know in the Byron Bay - Gold Coast region. However I have to be true for myself.

Some months after receiving my first Deeksha I worked out how to give Deeksha to myself. It was intense and brought about a fit of giggling. And I was able to repeat the technique a number of times. But then as time went by I let it go and just relied upon the Deeksha's from the weekly event that I attended.

Then 2 1/2 years after my first Deeksha (6 months ago) I felt that I was ready to give Deeksha to others. I mentioned this to my Deeksha Givers who told me that I needed to go to India and do the 21 day intensive with Bhagavan and Amma. I suggested to a friend (Luke) a fellow Deeksha recipient, that we practise on each other but he was hesitant and so I put the idea aside.

I have studied NLP since 1984 and am aware that there are only a few things that the Deeksha giver can do inside their head: and that is to make pictures, sounds, words and feelings. They are your choices so I know that the actual Deeksha technique probably only takes an hour at the most to teach to someone. So why do I have to spend AU$10,000.00 to go to India to learn the technique?

Anyway I got on the Internet the other night and discovered heaps of people like myself who have become a little disgruntled (to say the least) with the Oneness Movement (OM). Deeksha is in fact a centuries old technique that is in the public domain. It is not owned by anyone and for anyone to promote themselves as being in the only source of Deeksha is just a marketing ploy.

What I discovered is that there are other people around the world who offer training's in Deeksha and similar techniques - and most of these training's cost very little. What I also discovered was that my techniques for giving myself Deeksha were very similar to at least one description that I read on that site. I can't remember specifically what I did 2 1/2 years ago, though I may have made some notes in a previous article.


meditation gold coastHow difficult is the Deeksha technique? (Date)

Last night at Deeksha one of the new Deeksha Givers shared her experience of the training program at the Tony Robins Institute in Fiji. She said they watched videos of Anandagiriji and Tony Robins and others. They also did what they called 'deepening processes' which sounded like personal growth/meditation techniques. The first couple of days she said it was so basic that she felt bored but then it picked up and she had a good time. But the most telling point was that towards the end of the program she said that they were told' "Okay, now give Deeksha to others."

So, from what I heard, there was no mental technique in giving Deeksha, no training program, no initiation - just place both hands on the the head of the recipient and close your eyes.

When I heard this I felt a little peeved. You see about a year ago I felt I was ready to give Deeksha and I mentioned this to the Deeksha Givers who all gave me a reprimanding look and comments to the effect that i must go to India or Fiji and receive the correct training. Jeez - what training? What technique?

Learn how to give Deeksha. __ © Author Abby Eagle


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