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Astral travelling

OBE's, meditation experiences. Entering into sleep with awareness. I have touched the face of God. Cosmic orgasms.

Meeting Jesus

A felt presence. Deeksha. Authentic happiness.

Osho gives me Deeksha

Meeting Jesus.

Vastness Meditation

Osho and Buddha. You are God.

No Internal Dialogue

Going beyond the mind. Dropping beliefs.

The passage between lives

Delving into pain. The brilliance of success. Sleep meditation.

Bardo Instructions

Guidelines for how to approach and experience the passage between lives.

There is no one there

The feeling that I am God. Being conscious in a dream. The river of consciousness.


Past lives. Near death experiences. The mind is silent - what next?

Awareness showers down

Who stands to gain from creating conflict? Be willing to take a risk. War is a play.

Heaven and hell..

Why did Buddha attain to enlightenment?

Gain Inspiration

Stories that inspire and motivate us to action.

NLP Coaching Resources

Empowering you to empower others.

NLP Peace Mapping

Application of NLP Model to resolving conflict and creating harmony.

how to build wealth personality test
wealth dynamics personality test

Learn how to meditate and improve your relationships and achieve greater success in business...


Learn the Abby Eagle style of meditation and achieve success at a higher level.


Whether you are in business or not, your life energy naturally wants you to evolve to your highest potential. Many people enter the business world because of an innate desire to reach a pinnacle of success. Some people achieve measurable success and a great sense of satisfaction while others fail to achieve at all. However, many people who attain to money, power and prestige still complain that they do not feel a sense of contentment, happiness or peace. I remember having a conversation with a man who described himself as the sixth richest man in Australia. He openly shared with me that his wife was always away in Europe spending his money and leaving him alone in Australia. His mansion was secured with the latest in security devices because as he put it, "He was scared all the time about having his money and possessions stolen from him." Clearly money, power and prestige did not bring this 60 year old man peace or contentment.

Harvard Business Review did a study in the 1980's which showed that semantic responses, that is emotional reactions and hidden agendas, cost American companies seventy billion dollars a year in lost business. And that was just in the boardroom! That did not take into account the personal problems of middle management down to the employee and their contact with the customer. If you have ever worked for an organisation, which most of you have, then you will be aware that there is an undercurrent, a need by most people to talk about their personal life with other staff members, to share their problems and their aspirations; that liking, disliking and judgment of fellow staff members and even of the customer, envy and resentment, a need for approval, competitiveness and a desire to position oneself with an advantage over others, all can work to block the flow of energy that is required for the organisation to perform at peak. These are all traits that make us human but it is some wonder that some organisations manage to be profitable at all when you consider how much thinking power is not focussed on the task at hand. Clearly the more that staff members clear up their personal stuff and learn to work with others as a team then the greater the potential profitability for the organisation.

It is easy to judge others but what you probably don't realise is that you are your own biggest obstacle to your success. By 'you', I mean your ego or sense of 'I'. The ego is the centre of the mind and a strong integrated ego works for you but at the same time it works against you. Psychology in general works to strengthen the mind and build a strong ego whereas meditation helps to take us beyond the mind into a space of silence - and it is from exploring the inner silence that you get in touch with your essential energy - and it is out of this essential energy that your creativity arises. The same energy that an artist taps into to create a work of art should be the same energy that a business person also relies upon to be the driving force for their business and that an individual follows to find peace and contentment.

I have combined the technology of NLP with Osho Zen Meditation to create a  unique style of meditation that is easy to learn and gives faster results. Using traditional methods of teaching meditation a few meditators may achieve great success yet most remain average even after decades of practise. However NLP gives us a set of tools to transfer excellence from one person to another. To this end I spent a decade modelling the philosophy of Osho and the result is a meditation methodology in which most of the participants learn in a matter of hours what could ordinarily have taken decades by traditional methods.

Meditation is now becoming more accepted by the mainstream community. Neuroscience has demonstrated that there are positive neuro biological differences between the brain of an experienced meditator and of an ordinary person. As meditation is demystified it is gaining greater acceptance in the community at large.

Learn more about meditation.

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