Learn how to give a really good hug - group hug - hugged - hug definition - hug a bug - tight hug - bunny hug - Why hug? - benefits of hugging and kissing.
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You have landed on this page because you want to know how to give a really good hug...


Hugging secrets revealed

group hug - hugged - hug definition - hug a bug - tight hug - bunny hug


Hugging Tips and Techniques

  • One hugger is usually more dominant. In this case the huggee should seize the opportunity to let-go into the hug. Trust is required.
  • In time the dominant hugger should also learn to let-go and be hugged so that there is a greater rapport between both participants.
  • For a really good hug try standing as close as you can so that your entire body touches the other person. To maintain balance one of you may place your foot on top of one of the other person's feet.
  • You can hug with your clothes on but it is even more fun if you take them off - with some people that is.
  • For a really good long warm hug get into bed.


Hugging Positions

  • The hand shake with an arm on the shoulder hug.
  • Standing facing each other hug.
  • The two feet apart and leaning towards the other person so that only the shoulders touch hug.
  • The side by side hug.
  • Standing, one person hugs the other from behind.
  • Hugging on a motor bike.
  • Hugging on a pushbike.
  • Hugging in an arm chair.
  • Hugging in the back of a car.
  • Hugging in the cinema.
  • Sitting in each others lap facing each other hug.
  • Sitting on the ground one person behind the other.
  • On the floor bending forward one person leans over and hugs the other.
  • The lying down hug side by side.
  • The lying on top of the other person hug.


Hugging Benefits

  • Makes you feel loved >and cared for.
  • Increases the feel-good neuropeptides in the brain.
  • Develop intimacy with boundaries.
  • Does not have to involve sex - which may or may not be a benefit.
  • You can do it at any age.

Why not invite a friend over for a hug? __ © Author Abby Eagle


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