When I received the Deeksha I got waves of bubbles flowing upwards through my body. Chakra meditation. What is kundalini energy? What does kundalini energy feel like?
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Being Freed from the Cage (23/05/2007)

To set the context for this article I need to mention that I use an internal representation of the Looney Tunes cartoon character Tweety Pie (Tweety Bird)as a resource to change my internal dialogue. What I do is replace the tonality of any negative internal dialogue with that of Tweety Pie which then has the effect of changing my state. I have done this so often that when I feel a little worn out from over work I check in with Tweety and ask her how she is doing. My unconscious mind might respond with an image of Tweety looking forlorn, with a bandage around her head and leaning on crutches.

Anyway in last nights meditation I was very tired. I was listening to a guided chakra meditation on a CD in preparation for Deeksha. The tiredness made it difficult for me chant the mantra and all I really wanted to do was to drop deep inside. I checked in with Tweety and asked, "How's Tweety?" I got an image of her looking very exhausted so I visualised a small crucible filled with golden liquid and splashed some over her head. Immediately her energy shifted and she became became full of energy. Her cage door was open and Sylvester the cat was watching from under her cage.

When I received the Deeksha I got waves of bubbles flowing upwards through my body. Then I felt a big feeling in my entire torso. The feeling was centred in my heart space and it was rotating anti clockwise. It felt as if an energy in my heart space was beginning to free itself. The energy came out of my heart space and out of my body. Tweety flew from her cage and out through a window while Sylvester just watched. The words, "I am free!" came into my mind over and over again. Then I saw an image of a Pelican in slow flight over a lake with a mirror surface. Tweety landed on a tree branch with some other birds and she sang like a canary. I had a strong feeling to lean forwards and move into a head stand but having not done a headstand for a decade I thought better of it.

Then I was reminded of the first 28 years of my life and of all the energy that had been wasted in negativity. I grabbed hold of all the negative and positive memories and squashed them together into one ball. I then put the ball of energy back into my body and I saw myself fly.

I feel free. I am free of something of which I know not. I wonder who is free? I don't know who is free. All i know is that i I have a big relaxed smile on my face.

I often ask myself the question, "Who am I?" Later that evening the question will not form. I feel that I am the answer and I am still smiling. __ © Author Abby Eagle


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