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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

You have landed on this page because you are looking for business and networking opportunities...



Together we can make a difference in the world

I am looking for some extraordinary people who would like to team up to cocreate a better world.


Please read on...

I am a designer and developer of systems working in the field of human transformation. I have designed a number of powerful personal growth techniques that are easy to learn and that get miraculous results, like banishing junk food, chocolate, cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol with no need for will power. Give me a personal growth technique that you already use and I can probably make it work more efficiently for you and for a wider range of people.

Give me a challenge in personal development and I'll jump at the opportunity. If you know who you are right now and can define who you want to be then I can take you there. I can help you to shift your thinking and your consciousness such that it helps you reach both your material and spiritual goals. I persevere relentlessly to empower the individual.

I am an NLP Coach, an NLP Hypnotherapist, an Osho Zen Meditator. I am a Wealth Dynamics Creator. If you want to learn how to meditate then I can show you the actual structure of meditation and teach you how to experience states of meditation that could ordinarily have taken years by traditional methods. I can explain meditation to you in words that make sense. I have twenty five years experience in the meditation field. I modelled the Indian mystic Osho and can present to you the gift of meditation as a simple recipe without the religious garb. I don't know of anyone else who has done this.

If you want to make a difference in the world and help save relationships, families, careers, and lives - and help people find peace, happiness, self esteem, personal power and health then read on.

I have developed a unique method of self hypnotherapy that makes it easy to banish junk food, lose weight, and get off marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol. Ordinarily this would only be possible with a trained NLP hypnotherapist but now the individual can learn to harness the power of their own unconscious mind. The tools that I provide give the individual the power to make profound personal change.

If you manage a team then I can help your entire team manage stress and clean up their stuff, that is everything that reduces their workplace efficiency. For example, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, sleeping pills and so on. I can show your team how to manage stress and relax naturally, and then get them energised. As Alex Nagee said, "I can get your team to perform at peak." The benefits are obvious - confidence, health, happiness and profitability.

Please read through this website. If something resonates in your heart then feel free to contact me.

Abby Eagle






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