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NLP Hypnotherapy and Meditation fees...


Consultancy Fees for In-House Workshops

Fees Schedule, Registration, Cancellation and Refund Policy


POA. Fees are negotiable depending upon the size of the organisation and the amount of preparation.


A 10% deposit is required with the booking. Deposits are non refundable but are transferable to another product or service offered by Abby Eagle School of Meditation.

A 10% discount is given for full payment 30 days in advance.

If a customer wishes to cancel or reschedule an in-house workshop then they must do so by phoning us at least 30 days prior to the scheduled time otherwise a loss of deposit shall result. If the customer informs us at least 30 days in advance about the need to reschedule an event then any payments made can be held for the same service at a later date or transferred to another product or service provided by Abby Eagle School of Meditation, or can be transferred to another person or organisation who wants to utilise a service offered by Abby Eagle's School of Meditation.

If in the unforeseen circumstance that a customer finds it necessary to cancel or reschedule within 30 days of the scheduled event then any payments made will unfortunately have to be forfeited.


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